The Religious Right-Pub Owners Coalition

Or, when will Neil Boortz start mocking restaurateurs?

Who knew that the tea partier-fueled greatest conservative Republican wave election in history would lead to a Georgia Republicans-sponsored bill to allow package sales of beer, spirits and wine on Sunday?

The Georgia GOP pre-whip count tease of increased Publix profits, sure got Atlanta’s notorious Christian-basher more excited to shout Welcome South Brother (750 WSB-AM), until a redundant “secret” tally of support for non-waitress delivered alcohol after Noon benedictions came up wanting.

Talk radio host Boortz is famous for FAIR Tax advocacy and unfair hostility to Christians. He regularly claims that only politically active followers of Jesus Christ dare use government to try and control peoples’ behavior and for years has banned discussions of abortion (with the tacit admission that he has lost the argument?, but I digress).

Never mind that such vocal acolytes of the Savior that even he calls his own are a distinct minority in the Peach State’s General Assembly, or that most all laws reward or punish “behaviors”. The fact is that a coalition of forces opposes expanding the distribution of Bud and Bourbon on the Lord’s Day, not the least of which are bar owners struggling to keep the doors open through this great recession.

Blue laws started in New England in the 17th Century but have had more staying power in the Old South with many rightly attributing this change to varying degrees of piety, but there always were and still are non-religious reasons for setting aside one day per week as a day of rest. After all, even God needed a break.

Who also knew that those that were so intolerant of teetotaler and Christian Governor Nathan Deal would see him support the bill and, thus, teach a lesson in tolerance to those that cry the loudest for same and yet aren’t.

For the record, I supported the bill to allow local autonomy for grocery store sales on Sunday, or even a bill allowing same statewide. After all, which is safer: Driving home from the pub at 11pm or driving to Kroger at 11am?

But what intrigues me the most about the issue is if Christian-bashers will now view their local bartenders as intolerant extremists with the same fervor that they bring to denouncing members of the local Baptist Church.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority” – Andrew Jackson

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