Gamecock on the 'Recommend This' button and discovering new Redstate friends

MAJOR ROOSTER CROWING: Beginning tomorrow and thru the end of February, I want ZERO recos from anyone that has ever reco’ed gamecock before and…

I will only reco the diaries of those that I have never reco’ed before, so long as I deem them worthy.

I will make clear in subject lines if I would have clicked the “RECOMMEND THIS” button and if regular recommenders of my work wish to let me know that they would have so clicked the button for me, than I would appreciate that gesture. I will also henceforth ALWAYS state the reason(s) why I am recommending a particular diary.

I think this exercise can actually be good for Redstate and certainly this fighting chicken’s ego is sufficiently large and celebrated elsewhere to satisfy same in the interim. Heck, sometimes I just gaze in the mirror of the hen house for hours. Of course, that mirror is on the ceiling and also reflects the visage of the attendant hen…but I digress.

I have never been a part of quid pro quos for promoting Mike gamecock DeVine and never will.

more later from…

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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