Who are these people occupying Madison streets and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Americans collectively bargain at ballot boxes and in legislatures, not streets and front lawns

The acts of the Wisconsin teachers’ union and the SEIU look alien, foreign and Third World-ish to this former railroad union lawyer.

Is it just me or do the tactics and rhetoric of the public sector union and community organizers in Wisconsin seem other worldly? Do the crowds of illegally-striking teachers in Madison remind of the massive throngs that came to gaze upon Community-Organizer-in-Chief Barack Obama in Berlin during the 2008 campaign? What of the private sector SEIU thugs that attacked a wheelchair-bound black conservative tea partier during that same campaign that elected a President who recently betrayed the nuclear secrets of Britain, our most loyal ally on earth, to Russia’s dictator? The bows to Muslim and other foreign potentates? Appeasement of Iran’s mullahs? Hectoring of the survivors of the Holocaust and their progeny for building apartment buildings as the moral equivalent of a Palestinian death cult bent on suicide bombings over hero sandwiches at Tel Aviv Sbarros?

Who the hell are these people that fences from Vancouver to Bangor and San Diego to Brownsville couldn’t keep out? It seems the number one assimilation problem in these united states are not Spanish-speaking chicken plant laborers, but rather the 10th generation of those that landed at Ellis Island that now sings My Union Tis of Thee.

Like I said, who the hell are these “teachers”, “service employees” and the Harvard man unversed in transliteration that affects a Latin accent when speaking of barrios and makes sure to add the honorific “Minister” when referring to Farrakhan and goes all “Pock”-istan when referring to the Muslin nation with ten nukes.

The carmen that I represented in the 90s worked for the railroad, worshipped with their brothers at the Baptist Church, and, oh yeah, appointed union reps to work out overtime pay and safety rules. But never, after an election of We the People would they have insulted their state or country with paid days off to scream of the religion of “collective bargaining” as if that were the sine qua non essence of their existence and the mandatory withholding of union dues were their sacrament.

As Scarlett would say: “Tomorrow is another day.”

Tomorrow is when Americans that lose fair and square elections accept the will of their fellow citizens and wait for the next election to try and change matters to their liking. Americans don’t take to the streets en masse like the subjects of the latest Thugocracy in Venezuela.

At least most of us don’t.

But it seems that before 21st Century partiers started drinking tea; before useful idiot Democrats realized that B. Hussein was not J. Fitzgerald; and while too many Republicans were content to be the deck-chair arrangers of the Welfare State, some interlopers lucky enough to be born into the Affluent Society decided to shift loyalties to “Brotherhoods” of blood-suckers off the taxed profits of people that actually produced wealth.

I was 16 years old when I ran out of my Dad’s money but still wanted to buy that ’60 Chevy Mailbu. That was back in the days when teachers showed up for work everyday, even if there were two inches of snow on top of Dixie dew and all the bread and milk was gone from the shelves of A & P.

I don’t know billions of Chinese and I don’t know these people in the streets of the Badger State’s capitol city nor the one that currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And I don’t want to know them. I want to defeat them again and again.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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