State of the Union: The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Say yes to conservative Obama job-creation proposals, one issue/bill at a time while singing Tom Petty’s The Waiting

The state of our union circa 2011 need not be so dire.

Was it going to take years to climb out of the wealth-destruction hole wrought by the bursting of the housing bubble coupled with decades of accumulating national and personal debt? Yes, but after President Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address soon after his Inauguration and proposed Stimulus Bill this coulmn asked why he had proposed so little job-creating public works/infrastructure spending and why that what little was proposed was back-loaded to only kick in 18 months later when unemployment was near double digits and rising.

The excuse seems to be that Lawyer Obama never organized communities to build anything and so he was naive about shovel-readiness, but since the lack of readiness is caused by oppressive environmental regulations and trial lawyers and since Obama has shown that he will waive regulations at will to prevent foreigners from helping with oil spills and will ignore congressional action and court orders to wage EPA war against Texas on land and oil drilling at sea, we aren’t accepting the excuse.

Ground was ready to be shoveled in 2009, hence we have had to conclude that he and the Democrats don’t care about the poor, unemployed and underemployed, or at least that they care more about the transformation of American society into a post-Rule of Law political/corporate crony economy and socialist, cradle-to-grave European-like society dependent on ObamaCare for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Michelle says hold the fried chicken. She knows best?

So, more hearts have been broken, because much like Petty’s Heartbreakers:

The waiting (in poverty) is the hardest part.

We were also told that Obama was a centrist in 2008, and that the appointments of Clintonistas named Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers and Christina Roemer were the proof. Yet, instead of another triangulating presider over balanced budgets and the end of the era of big government, we got a gargantuan government and prosperity stealing humongous deficits and debt. So, why should we believe that the replacement of three former Clintonistas with a different set of same augers change?

Well, I do think that Obama has shown some post-shellacking change in strategy based on the Lame Duck compromise and do believe that he will propose some things conservatives favor as real supply-side and other types of real jobs-creating stimuli. Of course, he can be expected to try and use the issues for 2012 purposes of keeping wool pulled over eyes through tried and true devices of compromise that would induce Republicans to water down the policies that work in exchange for conceding more Liberty and power to Obama and the government generally.

The GOP must resist compromise.

Tea partiers were sent to Capitol Hill in revulsion to big government and failed liberal economic policies. They were not sent up there to get along with liberals. The GOP must not give the Dems an excuse by introducing multi-issue bills designed to gain more votes. Rather, they should take each and every issue proposed in the SOTU speech and propose them in single issue bills. As I recall, one of the matters emphasized tea partiers was also the demand that bills be short enough to read.

The message that needs to be sent to Obama by the GOP is that we will say yes to correct policy, no to bad policy and will share credit for the recovery.

Is there a danger that a growing economy might re-elect a still radical leftist and prevent the repeal of laws put in place over the last two years while also keeping in office  a weak-on-defense appeaser of Iran that would be given more opportunities to weaken America at home and abroad? Yes, but we have to take that chance due to the level of suffering in this recession.

Jobs and the Post-State-of-the-Union GOP House Strategy

We can still defeat Obama in 2012 if we will take the gloves off on the moral reality that while Republicans favor job-creation policies every day of every year, ObamaDems only favor them when the public gets re-educated in how their liberal dependency policies don’t work and have to do things like triangulate closer to elections.

Most elected Democrats in D.C., especially including Obama, don’t care about the quality of life of We the People in any absolute way. They care about gaining more and more power over us, as is clear from the “reform” policies of the last two years when the only jobs they sought to save were state and local public sector union cronies or the private sector equivalent at GM and the only jobs they created were tens of thousands of federal government regulators.

The GOP will have to be about the business of fixing the economy and the budget; FIRING those hired by Obama; and getting Obama and Harry Reid fired in 2012, but only in that order.

Single issue bills are the ticket.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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