News should not be made by the FCC and EPA

Major changes in government policy should only be made by clearly written statutes passed by Congress

I sat at rapt attention as the announcer of the on-the-half-hour radio news began his broadcast with an announcement of a just-completed “important vote” on internet “neutrality” regulation policy. Naturally, I assumed that the morally-illegitimate Lame Duck Congress had passed more Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell-like legislation that We the People thought we had protected us from on Election Day. But, the 20th Amendment notwithstanding, at least even a Lame Duck is an elected duck.

But, to my surprise, the important vote was not even by an elected duck, but rather a Federal Communications Commission, acting under a vague statute that courts had already deemed not sufficient to allow regulation of free speech on the World Wide Web.

I felt like a helpless Russian in 1970 hearing of an edict from an unelected Kremlin, rather than a free American, circa. 21st Century.

Didn’t we defeat Orwell’s 1984 when the Berlin Wall fell in the late 20th Century after a Reagan, Thatcher, Pope push?

We defeated ObamaCare three times, only to have Bill Clinton lobby a fourth time and have it forced upon us. We have the greatest wave election and repudiation of a Dem Party since the 1940s, only to have 2010 Lame Duck Dems cram thru a treaty favoring Russia and essentially ensuring that Gay marriage is imposed by judicial fiat by making it legal for same-sex sequestered soldiers to occupy submarines. It seems a disconnect has developed between We the People and those we elect represent us.

Now comes an FCC defying the courts and inventing a “law” that would trump the First Amendment on the Internet. We also hear that the EPA will defy the defeat of cap and trade attacks on the poor via higher energy prices at the hands of congressional lawmakers in the Senate, and insist upon imposing same on Texas and the rest of us thru regulatory fiat.

This is not the self government that patriots died to secure from a King and maintain from socialist, fascist, Islamist and communist threats.

The new GOP-majority House has many first priorities, especially including reining in excessive government spending that is threatening our currency and our overall prosperity with crushing debt.

But another of their first priorities must be to nullify such FCC and EPA rulings or the States will have no choice but to revisit the musings of John C. Calhoun. We cannot let Oligarchs and Czars replace King George. Regulation without representation cannot stand. Americans have a right to freely speak and use the resources of this nation to pursue happiness, and that includes the right to drill for our own oil and not have taxes on energy and food that crush the poor and middle class.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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