America can survive 23 more days without a budget

There is absolutely no reason to capitulate to the illegitimate Democrat majority and their golden parachute continuing resolution

The first few days would be tough as the networks show pictures of “suffering” national park workers that may not be paid for 23 more days. But notice that number, 23. Only 23 days.

Many Americans who work get paid once per month. Twenty-three days is only nine days more than 14 and only 16 days more than seven. Nearly 18% of Americans are underemployed and over 9% haven’t been paid in over 6 months.

But is it really 23 days that government workers would have to survive if no continuing resolution were passed by the Lame Duck Dems? Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) vowed to keep the Senate in session until the New Year, so maybe it is only five days that bureaucrats would have to sacrifice for Americans to learn that we need not yield to blackmail.

The GOP could score a huge political victory and help change the culture of government spending if they were to refuse to allow the Losers to take a final slap at America with a porked up final budget supplement to cover the first days and months of 2011.

Yes, the media attacks on how we hate the poor would be 24/7.

But guess what, the 25 or 6 to 4 days would pass, and Chicago would still be playing on the radio in Illinois, and America would learn how much they don’t need for government to always have their lips on our money bottle.

Tell Nancy, Harry and Obama to go to Hawaii and leave the Lower 48  and a partridge in a pear tree alone for 23 days of Christmas. Who needs them? Not We the People. I have been back and forth in my support of the Obama-McConnell tax bill alternating between fear of the consequences of a tax hike, when the pornographic Democrat spending bill is revealed and then it dawned on me. Its only 23 days until the new House convenes.

23 days.

Pass nothing. No bill of any kind, and we just might wake up to a new America with less adults as dependent children of Uncle Sam. An America prepared to persevere thru this recession ready to cut government out of our lives and get back to work.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Charlotte ObserverThe Minority Report and Examiner.com archives