Rooster crowings for The Listener of the House

The presumptive Speaker of the House of Representatives to ABC in the aftermath of the 2010 Republican landslide election:

DIANE SAWYER: But you’re not gonna declare this way or the highway, at this point?

JOHN BOEHNER: It’s only been 48 hours since the election. I do think that — my job is to listen to the American people

That’s right Mr. Speaker, you work for We the People, not President Barack Obama or the Washington press corps. You will be speaker because of tea partiers that decided to take a chance on the Grand Ole Party and who will not abide Washington-speak avoidance on major issues that put 20% of America on the economic sidelines. Your job is to listen and act accordingly.

The “structure” of the Bush tax cuts and temporary tax cut impotence

President Obama recently blamed the impending income and other tax hikes on January 1, 2011 on the “structure” of the Bush tax cuts. Of course, the reason that the Bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire is because then Senator Obama and fellow Democrats refused to allow them to be permanent via filibuster in 2003 and via majority control in 2007. As a result of the continuing temporization of tax policy throughout the naughts, the investor-incentive effect of the tax cuts were rendered mostly impotent, especially in recent years.

Boehner’s recent statements on the matter show that he understands that for the tax cuts to have the power to move investment capital off the sidelines, they need to be made permanent for all taxpayers, across the board.

This Gamecock-American  hopes you will listen to those that urge you to stand firm on this matter during the impending Lame Duck Session. Do not agree to anything less than making the Bush tax cuts permanent for all income groups. When confronted by those class-envy Democrats that would blame you and the GOP for causing a rise in taxes for the middle class on New Year’s day, remind Obama that Americans do not divide themselves into classes and assure Americans that the first act of the new GOP House will be to send the Senate a bill to correct the matter before Groundhog Day.

Do not accept the narrative of the left. You were made Speaker by adults drinking tea. We can handle the truth.

The truth about ObamaCare’s pre-existing condition mandate to private insurance companies

This rooster has been pleased to hear Boehner and McConnell promise votes to repeal ObamaCare in toto; threaten to de-fund the program; and to vote against the individual and other mandates. However, I have already heard Boehner refer to the mandate that private insurance companies ensure pre-existing conditions as a provision that would be retained.

Mr. Would-be-Speaker, why would anyone buy private health insurance before they get sick if they can’t be turned down for pre-existing conditions? I can’t think of a reason.

Don’t you understand that this anti-risk assessment provision alone would eventually destroy the private health insurance industry? Wouldn’t we be better off telling the truth to the American people up front? Wouldn’t it be better to break down state barriers to interstate competition so that premiums would fall low enough for some private companies to choose to cover some pre-existing illnesses and have a small safety-net program for the rest?

I think so.

Listen to Rush Limbaugh

To-Do List:

In a recent e-mail exchange, Limbaugh laid out his to-do list, which includes repeal of the health-care law and the financial-regulatory-reform bill; ending the ban on offshore drilling; the reprivatization of General Motors, Chrysler, and the student-loan program; a spike in the heart of cap-and-trade legislation (he regards global warming as a hoax); the elimination of the capital-gains tax; a reduction of the corporate tax rate to 20 percent; and replacement of the progressive income-tax code with a flat or “fair” tax.

Listen to DeVine Law Gamecock

DeVine would also like to see Clinton-Gingrich Welfare Reform restored. It was eliminated in the non-Stimulus Bill. Suspend all stimulus spending that saves state and local government jobs. States need to pare their employment rolls just like the private sector. Besides, less government employees means less people to meddle in our affairs as we try to bail ourselves out of this recession.

Speaking of which, would it be too much to ask that the House pass a bill expanding oil exploration on land and sea; reduce regulations to streamline nuclear power plants, oil drilling and oil refineries. Talk about a jobs bill, that would be a huge jobs bill.

Pass laws that are pre-emptive strikes against executive overreach in regulating carbon emissions.

Don’t let ObamaDems cut the U.S. Navy. The USN is the firewall that keeps us a superpower and a free world. Obama has wrecked the economy, but we can come back to prominence so long as we remain master of the sea.

Repeal all laws that have granted favoritism to labor unions whether it be in hiring; sub-contracting; or pensions.

Investigate Attorney General Eric Holder’s Just-Us Department refusal to protect white Americans from voter intimidation and other forms of racial discrimination. Pass laws that mandate equal protection of the laws and the dismissal of those employees that have stated that the Civil Rights laws only apply to protect minorities. You can reference the Fourteenth Amendment.

Finally, for now, make clear that 48 states will never be forced to bail out California and New York.

Thanks for listening.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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