Voters as Death Panel for Dem-o-Bat Trick-or-Treaters: Take the painkillers and go home

Halloween view of Election 2010 from Stone Mountain of Georgia

“Let freedom ring from the curvaceous peaks of California! But not only that; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia!” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

This conservative Republican looked for two silver linings after the election of Barack Obama as President and the filibuster-proof majorities of his Democratic Party:

  1. The re-education of a majority of Americans in the natural, recessionary results of liberal, Democrat economic policies; and
  2. The death of the race card given the election of the first non-white to hold the nukes and the beginnings of a break-up of Democrats’ lock on the Black vote.

The impending mid-term wave election appears to reflect those silver linings, which would not have occurred under a McCain Administration. With super-majority responsibility comes great accountability, which makes for much clearer education. This is best reflected by the impending defeats of such Drawl-and-that’s-all, faux moderate House Democrats like John Spratt of South Carolina and Jim Marshall, here in Georgia. Moreover, many blacks appear to be prepared to vote against racial stereotype, despite Democrat dealings of an increasingly impotent race card, by abandoning Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop as well. Finally, Democrats in West Virginia appear to have raised their level of sophistication in wishing that no more Democrat votes be sent to Washington to support ObamaDem majorities and policies, even if the candidate is a popular Democrat governor.

The Dem-o-Bats have been exposed for the anti-life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness blood-sucking vampires they are

The defining moment for the Presidency of Barack Obama came early, in June, 2009. It was one of many health reform extravaganzas to come, this one televised by ABC from the East Room of the White House, a town hall among health care experts and consumers.

Citizen Jane Sturm took the mic to ask how the brave, new world of Obamacare would treat people like her 105-year-old mother. At age 99 her mother’s heart specialist confided that without a pacemaker he couldn’t keep her alive, but at her advanced age he couldn’t justify the operation. Jane sought out another specialist, and when he saw her mother was still very much alive and enjoying life, he agreed to do the operation.

Over five years later, her mother was still living happily with her family as a result of the highly advanced medical technology she received. So Jane, still displaying her own spirited fight for her mother’s life, very articulately asked the President if under his vision for health care there would be any consideration given for a certain spirit, or joy of living, or quality of life, in providing medical care for those of advanced age. Or would there just be a cut-off at a certain age.

The President replied that we as a culture and a society have to learn to make better decisions about end-of-life care. And when the wise, central planning Washington bureaucrats discover the evidence shows the care is not going to improve health, they can let your doctor know, and let your mom know, maybe this is not going to help, maybe you’re better off not having the surgery and taking the painkiller and going home.

Jane just told him that without the surgery her mother would be dead, and he responds with a hypothetical that maybe she would be better off taking the painkiller and going home. And President Obama’s mind is so hypothetical and so theoretical that he is certain that far off Washington bureaucrats would know from the evidence when she should take the painkiller and go home, and could let her yahoo doctor know.

Read all of Peter Ferrera’s analysis of Obama as LBJ, here.

ObamaDem certainty worse than uncertainty

One of the complaints against Obama and the Democratic Congress has been their incompetence in failing to pass a budget this year. Certainly, uncertainty makes Atlas Shrug, as evidenced by the capital strike in the 30s amid constantly changing FDR Great Depression policies. But as even our conservative master, Charles Krauthammer bemoaned the fact that investors won’t know what the tax rates would be on January 1, 2011, due to the absence of a budget bill, surely what more concentrates the mind of job producers is the certainty of the tax increases already enacted, as well as the impending end of the Bush tax cuts.

Even if a budget were passed and tax policy made certain, investors would be no more likely to invest given the certainty of a veto-proof, failed liberal President. Yes, the “uncertainty” of government by men via executive and administrative discretion is bad for business. Much worse are the certain policies of ObamaDems that gave us two budget deficits totaling over $2.6 Trillion; non-stimulus bills totaling over $800 Billion; and a takeover of health care that is driving insurance companies out of business.

Obama’s Clinton economists not the geniuses they were cracked up to be

At its core, the reason the Democrats are getting their liberal comeuppance this Tuesday is because they were hired to fix what “Bush” messed up, jet haven’t. No matter that Democrats took over Congress in 2007, eleven months before the recession officially began, the fact is that Obama has failed to fix the economy and most Americans see that he has made things much worse.

It appears that the Clinton geniuses named Christina Roemer and Larry Summers were a lot smarter when Republicans controlled Congress in the late 90s.

We are the ones Gamecock has been waiting for

Having been a Democrat for 18 years before my 2001 conservative epiphany, I am excited that it appears many in my former party have have received their reality-mugging over the past few years, and are prepared to stop enabling the Left that rules the world’s oldest political party.

The conservative movement has been resumed after it was sullied by an arrogant Dem-lite version under Bush.

Our only chance to arrest the slouch towards Gomorrah was probably only made possible by suffering under pure Left policies in the raw, and the accountability that brings, especially to the vast majority of non-political citizens that are drinking the bitter tea of recession. A McCain Administration would probably have continued the unaccountable, lukewarm lobster boil we have been on for 70+ years of ever incremental, increases in liberty-sapping government power grabs that would never have reached a tipping point before it was too late to avoid becoming Greece.

I hope its not too late, and certainly it will take several election cycles to repeal Obama policies, much less those that preceded Obama that also need to be changed.

But for now, I’m preparing to kill my Halloween pain by sending Democrats home to live under their failed policies before they suck the life out of what’s left of the American Dream.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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