Braves-Gamecock falls for Clemson Tigers

Auburn-Clemson battle best we’ve seen in recent memory

We highlighted this game between our in-state rival and Alabama’s equivalent last week as a test of the reputation of the ACC. Despite Clemson’s 24-27 overtime loss, we think they at least established themselves as a top-tier team given their control of the line of scrimmage and the valiant performance of their QB, Kyle Parker.

Parker, the only NCAA Division One player in history to throw for 20 TDs and hit 20 HRs, endured excruciating pain during most of the second half after being speared in the back by an Auburn player’s helmet.

The physical nature of the game and effort on all sides impressed this announcer of dawns, and we think that the quality of Dabo Swinney’s Tigers is on the path of Danny Ford’s 1981 National Champions.

This Gamecock alum never has been able to work up Tech-Dawgs-like “Clean Old-fashioned Hate”, much less Bama-Auburn or Michigan-Ohio State varieties, given our small state and that our brother took us to most of the home games during their 1981 season.

The Big Game and NCAA College Football Week Four

Here’s hoping that our main squeeze University of South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks do in the Barn on the Plains what our in-state rival couldn’t. Now its QB Stephen Garcia’s time to meet a reputation test.

Auburn will lose to USC

Yellow Jackets will lose to Wolfpack

Mississippi State will lose to Georgia

Razorbacks will lose to Crimson Tide

Penn State will lose to Temple

Beavers will lose to Broncos

Ole Miss will lose to Fresno State

Nevada will lose to BYU

Fighting Irish will lose to the Cardinal

West Virginia will lose to LSU

Sun Devils will lose to Ducks

NFL Week Three

Saints will lose to Falcons

Giants will lose to Titans

Bills will lose to Patriots

Browns will lose to Ravens

Bucs will lose to Steelers

Bengals will lose to Panthers

49ers will lose to Chiefs

Lions will lose to Vikings

Cowboys will lose to Texans

Redskins will lose to Rams

Jaguars will lose to Eagles

Broncos will lose to Colts

Seahawks will lose to Chargers

Cardinals will lose to Raiders

Jets will lose to Dolphins

Bears will lose to Packers

Cockstradamus 2010 Prognostication Compilation:

NCAA    42-16 (11-5)

NFL        17-15 (Last week 8-8)

Speciallist and DeVine-Gamecock WagerTracker Standings

Speciallist’s College Football (total wins, 11 games per week, against the spread)

27 –  Dali Lama (Democrat limited to 3 picks this week)

23 – pilgrimo58 (persistent cuss)

18 – huberd (tied with a certain rooster)

Speciallist’s Pro Football (total wins, all games each week, against the spread)

21 – huberd (27 minus 6 exhibition picks)

17 – Vladimir (Capitalizes name)

15 – speciallist (persistent cuss five games back)

DeVine-Gamecock College Football (total points, maximum 22 picks per week)

Between 12, 960 and a million – pilgrim058

Back on Earth at 5195 – speciallist

Mortal mammal 3015 – Dali Lama

Mortal fowl 2423 – gamecock

End of the 1801 “Chicken Curse”

I am Gamecock. Born one, raised as one and matriculated as one at the Law School.

We awaited the opening Kickoff of the College Football season, still basking in the glow of the end of the 1801 “chicken curse” as the Fighting Gamecocks won the College World Series over UCLA (the school with the most NCAA national championships) and their first national championship (The Lady Gamecocks broke their “hen curse” with the 2002 Track and Field crown), when USC will tarnish the feathers of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles as Lane Kiffin’s team (for now) has a luau with non-rainbow Warriors in Hawaii.

More losers next week as Agnes Scott College remains undefeated….Get me out of here, Percy (Peabody) …

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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