Tigers, ACC reputation on line on The Plain [Braves-Gamecock Football - Week 3]

Cockstradamus returned from his Azores sabbatical to correctly pick 12 of 16 college and 9 of 16 pro football games last week, including our USC Fighting Gamecocks 17-6 victory over the Georgia Bulldogs.

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James Madison: The Father of the Constitution and diminishing Boise State BCS Championship Game hopes

The Broncos barely beat the, now 0-2, Virginia Tech Hokies after the Gobblers were defeated by Div-AA James Madison. I still think Boise State could win the FCS division if they were in it. FBS, not so much.

Bush Heisman

Did the NCAA take away OJ’s Heisman Trophy before he hocked it? Didn’t think so.

Braves-Gamecock thinks the punishment of returning the Heisman doesn’t fit the crime.

Braves-Gamecock thinks most of the NCAA rules violate Liberty and even those that don’t wouldn’t justify recognitions of who won games on the field, won championships and excelled enough to make the trip to New York’s Downtown Athletic Club.

And we weren’t and are not a Reggie Bush fan.

The Big Game and NCAA College Football Week Three

The Tigers will win Saturday’s game between Clemson and Auburn. If the War Eagle version wins, the reputation of the ACC as mainly a basketball conference no better than the Mountain West in football grows. If the denizens of South Carolina’s Death Valley win the game in Auburn’s Barn on the Alabama Plain, then the tiger paw dreams of a 1981 national championship encore lives on.


Auburn will lose to Clemson

Paladins will lose to Gamecocks

Razorbacks will lose to Dawgs

Cincinnati will lose to N.C. State

Golden Eagles will lose to Jayhawks

UCONN will lose to Temple

Ramblin’ Wreck will lose to Tar Heels

East Carolina will lose to Virginia Tech

BYU will lose to FSU

Vols will lose to Gators

Trojans will lose to Golden Gophers

Arizona State will lose to Wisconsin

Western Kentucky will lose to Indiana

Spartans will lose to Fighting Irish

Red Raiders will lose to Longhorns

Huskies will lose to Cornhuskers

NFL Week Two

Browns will lose to Cheifs

Bills will lose to Packers

Bengals will lose to Ravens

Steelers will lose to Titans

Lions will lose to Eagles

Bears will lose to Cowboys

Bucs will lose to Panthers

Cardinals will lose to Falcons

falcons logo

Dolphins will lose to Vikings

Raiders will lose to Rams

Seahawks will lose to Broncos

Texans will lose to Redskins

Jags will lose to Chargers

Jets will lose to Patriots

Giants will lose to Colts, and

49ers will lose to Saints

Leonard Postosties

This column has always been dedicated to the late Athens, Georgia native, Leonard “Postosties” Postero, pigskin prognosticator extraordinaire, whose “Leonard’s Losers” radio show was a must listen all during our childhood and until his death in 2001.

Cockstradamus 2010 Prognostication Compilation:

NCAA  31-11

NFL        9-7

End of the 1801 “Chicken Curse”

I am Gamecock. Born one, raised as one and matriculated as one at the Law School.

We awaited the opening Kickoff of the College Football season, still basking in the glow of the end of the 1801 “chicken curse” as the Fighting Gamecocks won the College World Series over UCLA (the school with the most NCAA national championships) and their first national championship (The Lady Gamecocks broke their “hen curse” with the 2002 Track and Field crown), when USC will tarnish the feathers of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles as Lane Kiffin’s team (for now) has a luau with non-rainbow Warriors in Hawaii.

More losers next week as Agnes Scott College remains undefeated….Get me out of here, Percy (Peabody) …

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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