How many Korans were burned when the Twin Towers fell

If only mosques would settle for burning Billy Graham books

Instead, mosques inside the United States and abroad planned every lethal terrorist attack on innocent Americans inside the United States and abroad, both before and after September 11, 2001.

You will usually find those stories on page A17 of the New York Times with no suggestion that their actions against America puts them in harm’s way.

Now enter a Christian Church in Florida, made famous by General David Petraeus, planning to burn Korans on the ninth anniversary of the 911 attacks that killed the 3000 and burned thousands of books.

Christians burn books. Muslims burn people

Mind you, the church in Florida is not planning to knock down Dubai Towers; Muslim embassies in Africa; defense ministries in Tehran; nor planes over Mecca via shoe or underwear bombers. The Floridians don’t seek to fund suicide bombers in Qum Pizza Huts nor recruit Crusaders to kill Muslims in Morocco.

Rather, the Protestants merely wish to protest the killing of innocent Americans by those that take the Koran literally by burning copies of that book, the consumption of which will not harm one hair on Osama bin Laden’s head.

Imagine how different the last 10-20 years would have been had mosques behaved as well as Pastor Terry Jones and the Dove World Outreach Center. Would the United States have deemed mosque burnings of The Book of Common Prayer and the Stars and Stripes as a provocation putting Muslims in the way of harm at the hands of American armed forces? Of course not.

911 put them in harm’s way

Nothing that United States nor any individual American or church has done justifies the jihadist attacks on us beginning with the Iranian hostage crisis through the Times Square bombing attempt.

Americans are in harms way because of a perverted death cult ideology supported by the words of the Koran and the history of Islam’s prophet of forced conversions and conquests. Osama bin Laden traces his justification for war against us back to Ataturk’s ending of the Caliphate and secularization of Turkey after WWI. He wanted Spain back in Muslim hands before American troops were parked in Saudi Arabia to prevent Saddam Hussein from making his country a domino after Kuwait.

Saddam’s wood-chipper prison etiquette

Weakness invites aggression, and the General’s elevation of a Florida church protest exudes the same kind of weakness as did the machinations in the aftermath of the Abu Ghraib renegade third shift.

At that time the mantra of the NYT was that those actions “put our troops in harm’s way.” I’ll never forget an interview with an Iraqi at the time who reminded that Saddam killed and maimed tens of thousands of political prisons with wood chippers in that prison while scoffing at the notion that panties on terrorist prisoner heads would shock the national consciousness.

General, the enemy laughs at us when you say such things. They know that 911 put them in harm’s way and that there is nothing we can do, nor refrain from doing, short of converting to Islam and submitting to Sharia law that will get us out of harm’s way.

Reading the Koran leads to burning infidels

I would not endorse the tactic of making clear our political revulsion with terrorists nor my Christian revulsion with false teachings concerning the eternal destination of one’s soul by burning books.

Rather, I would open up that book and have a public reading of the calls to kill the infidel that are preached in mosques everyday.

I would publish all the names of imams and mosques found guilty of funding and recruiting terrorists in America and quote Imam Rauf of Ground Zero Mosque fame saying that America was at fault in bringing on 911.

But if they insist on the Koran burnings, so be it, and then I would ask those Christians with the loudest voices against the burning to share with us the teachings of Christ about how one escapes the fires of Hell. If they refuse to quote Christ on anything but cheek-turning then I would suggest that they join a Kiwanis club rather than pretend they are in the soul-saving business.

Given our nuclear arsenal and massive conventional military power, what actually puts us in harms way is our Judeo-Christian values-inspired benevolence. Would Hitler, Stalin or Iran’s mullahs send in troops to turn Iraq into Connecticut rather than incinerate the whole damn joint?

America never gets credit for restraint, and believe me, Koran-burnings are restraint. If you don’t think so, go back and look at what a mosque did to Daniel Pearl.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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