GOP now owns King's moral Dream card

Do we now have the guts to use it, since there is no longer any need for whites and conservatives to fear the race card?

The Glenn-Beckoned, conservative multi-racial throngs honoring God, Country, and the Constitution in Washington, D.C. this past weekend, now own Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream.

Conservatives and Republicans have lived the dream in public and private for decades from the GOP’s birth as the party of slavery abolition; passage of two Civil Rights Acts combating Jim Crow before President Lyndon Johnson; and voting in greater percentages than Democrats for the 1964-5 Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, respectively.

Yet, despite that history, it has been the Democrats and their Media branch that have wielded the racial and bigotry moral cards against Republicans for over 40 years, even as they victimized blacks and the poor with their proven failed economic, welfare, and foreign policies

As David Horowitz points out in the “How to Beat Democrats” (also a separate book by that name) chapter of his 2003 Left Illusions, the World’s Oldest Political Party has long understood that:

“…the key to American politics is the romance of the underdog …[as] the cause of the underdog wins American hearts because it resonates with our deepest religious and moral convictions…”

Horowitz goes on to explain how every Democratic Party policy is presented as a program to help victims. When de jure segregation was being torn down, there were many identifiable authentic victims of actual racism and racist laws. But after legal racism was abolished in the late 1960s, the increasing paucity of actual such victims caused the Left to invent “institutional” racism that made every black person in the Lower Forty-Eight a victim based on the presumed racism of all Caucasians.

Meanwhile, as most whites and blacks increasingly got along in actual America as they enjoyed Oprah, Michael Jordan and Colin Powell; the Democratic Party treated us to an ongoing faux American vision of bridges in Selma with tolerance and amens for the sermons of Jesses, Als, Jeremiah Wrights and even Louis Farrakhan.

Southern whites rightly had to purge or reform their kooks. The Democratic Party and the Media protected radical whites like Bill Ayers and all the black kooks on the left, even as they branded Clarence Thomas and Condoleeza Rice as “Uncle Toms.”

Whites indulged this fiction in fits and starts, especially after the Reagan Revolution fixed the economy for 25 years. Then came the recession, a Bush-McCain-damaged GOP brand, and a hear-no-evil indulgence in Hope, Change and the final purging of White Guilt.

Whites got tired of falsely being defamed as racists.

The race cards have were purged from the Left’s political deck of effective cards as Obama has acted out Reverend Wright’s sermons he supposedly never heard.

Who are the underdogs now?

Now we have moral high ground of King’s Dream.

So, what will we do with it?

I hope we do what the Dreaming Preacher did and wield it as a moral club to shame those liberals and Democrats, black and white, and all that have betrayed content of character evaluations according to America’s creed in favor of Jim Crow 3.0 race-based laws and judgments.

Much of the housing bubble can be traced to federal government-forced lending to people that couldn’t dream of paying the mortgages, with much of the prodding done under threat of being charged with racial discrimination; and even the new Fannie-Freddie guidelines have racial quotas.

Republicans and conservatives have long been reluctant to wield the moral card against their opponents, even as it has been wielded against us 24/7/365 for 45 years. The GOP has too often discussed issues such as welfare and economic policy as management issues rather than the moral issues they are.

Our Founders considered themselves as victims of a distant King and Parliament that were denying them their rights to earn a living.

So, who are the victims today?

Well, nearly half a million people don’t seek out sweltering D.C. heat for the joy of the heat. No, majorities of We the People now understand that they are being victimized by failed liberal policies that are hitting their pocketbooks and liberty hard, even while being accused of being racists, bigots and homophobes for daring to preserve marriage, Ground Zero and the border.

One of the more vile characteristics of the Left is that they accuse conservatives of being bad people rather than making reasoned arguments against our policies or for their own. We routinely accept the “goodness” of the intentions of the Left and argue against the wisdom of their policies based on actual results.

I do not want the GOP to mimic the vile demonization characteristic of the Left.

But I do think that we must seize the moral underdog narrative on behalf of the victims of ObamaDems’ policies.

We must point out the immorality of false racism allegations at home; insulting apologies for America on the foreign soil of true tyrants that ignore the sins of aliens that justifiably bring on American wrath; economic policies that demonize job producers at the expense of rewarding political allies in unions, banks and state and local governments; and of policies that rub 911 in our face with “OJ” trials for KSM and a mosque for him to pray in during court breaks.

Captain Ahab Liberals search for the Moby Dick KKK Whale

The Drive-By Media and Democrats have breathlessly reported the overwhelming numbers of Caucasians, especially including notorious white conservatives Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, at this weekend’s “Restoring Honor” rally at the Linc0ln Memorial, on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech, as if it were a blight on the Christian preacher’s legacy.

Lewsi Grizzard used to write often of the obsession of Yankees with imagining most Southerners having Grand and minor Wizard eye-hole-punched sheets hanging in their closets. Instead, no such sheets were found among the hundreds of thousands with Beck. Rather, they found whites shedding tears of racial-harmony joy while living Martin’s Dream.

Would the Left prefer that significant portions of the 75% majority white population eschew celebrations of honor, faith, hope and charity? “Rev Al” claimed it was an “insult” to King for Glenn Beck’s rally to be held on the anniversary of the March on Washington. Really?

Let’s see: King honored “America’s Creed” (Constitution); was an ordained minister and gave a speech. We wonder, when was the last time Al Sharpton and CNN “reporters” read these lines:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification; one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

The character content message anathema to a Democratic Party obsessed with the identity politics of race and sex.

The Pathology IV

Finally, the kooks and pathologies (I, II and III) regarding same in the black community are coming home to roost so that maybe they can finally be purged, thus paving the way for blacks to escape the Democratic Party plantation.

Americans who held their hands over their ears while wanting to like Obama more than McCain, now hear echoes of Wright and Farrakhan in denunciations Cambridge cops protecting the property of a black man and apologies for imams that won;t denounce Hamas.

When welfare changed

In chapter four of John McWhorter’s 2006 Winning the Race, the change in welfare as we knew it before Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich fixed it, is documented as having begun when LBJ adopted the New York state policies of seeking out recipients. Heretofore, most people that qualified for going on the dole refused to apply due to pride.

The change was immoral. It essentially kicked the black man out the house and made Uncle Sam daddy.

It destroyed the black family and greatly damaged the white family, yet liberals have continually advocated the policies behind that destruction. In fact, in ObamaDems’ first act in 2009, they included the repeal of Clinton-Newt welfare reform in the Stimulus-that-didn’t bill.

Their policies are immoral in their effect and conservatives should get in Democrats faces and say so live on CNN every time they get the chance.

No more need to worry about being called a racist.

You did see the Mall this past Saturday didn’t you?

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Charlotte ObserverThe Minority Report and Examiner.com archives


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