Sager knows Texas tea best for Sunshine State

Oil made the sun shine on more than just gators in Florida

Land O’ Lakes  is a long way from New York City. New Yorkers vacationed in the Hamptons when horses and buggies were atop Dow Jones’ transportation index . The beaches Floridians understandably want to protect wouldn’t be an economic engine if oil weren’t drilled somewhere.

Moreover, given the puny effect of the recent “worst oil spill in American history”, and only the third newsworthy oil spill since it first gushed out of a Pennsylvania well in 1859, even “tanning king” George Hamilton couldn’t seriously argue against drill, baby drilling for the substance that fuels the modern world.

Yet, rarely do we find Florida politicians (and Democrats anywhere) who dare utter such obvious truths, even when they are nationally-known tea partier darlings named Marco Rubio. But, after this Gamecock combed the beaches south of our adopted Peach State roost with our DeVine-ing rod, we found a better brand of tea.

Fresh orange juice vs. Frozen-in-cans establishment-endorsed pulp

Political newcomer Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05) opposes President Barack Obama’s moratorium on deepwater offshore drilling, and thinks Florida and other Gulf Coast states should chase BP in federal court for damages related to the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

By contrast, Hernando County Sheriff Rich Nugent, endorsed by outgoing incumbent GOP Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, supported President Obama’s initial job-killing measure, as well as the administration’s Temporary Restraining Order-defying second oil drilling measure.

“Let’s find out what went wrong before we start drilling again,” Nugent said.

Nugent’s timid approach would have banned Model-T manufacturing until the nail was found that caused Great Gatsby’s first flat tire on the way to East Egg.

Who knew that a President could unilateral shut down the Pursuit of Happiness?

The liberty and rule of law promised in our founding documents made our young nation the greatest in the 5000-year recorded history of Earth. The greatest threat to our united trek was exposed by the 1861 firing on Fort Sumter by those intent on preserving the cheapest of all labor via involuntary servitude by rendering the City on a Hill asunder.

This southerner thanks God that President Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t limit the Free World’s defense to a plain fruited with five Canadas instead of a Fruited Lower-Forty-Eight Plain.

Now, we face a great threat to our prosperity not from Palmetto States, but rather from latest successor to the Great Emancipator’s executive office. The problem is that Barack Obama wants only to emancipate government power at the expense of We the People’s power over our own lives.

Obama and the Democrats’ policies bail out banks, states and labor unions populated by their pals, but won’t let Americans bail themselves out, i.e. make money to eat!

Why has no oil company sued Obama for contempt of court?

After the BP oil spill attracted Obama’s attention as a potential crisis not to be wasted that could advance his high-energy tax agenda, he issued an executive order imposing a moratorium on deep-water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Federal law imposes strict standards on such draconian action that immediately puts people out of work. One must prove a likelihood of success on the merits when all the evidence is later presented to a trial court and that irreparable harm will result absent an immediate temporary restraining order (TRO).

The Obama Administration failed to meet those standards, resulting in a federal district court order lifting the moratorium. The Rule of Law seemed to have prevailed.

Then came the all-too-familiar-after-GM-CEO-firings and the like, Rule of Obama. Attorney General Holder’s Just-Us Department changed a few insignificant words in the first moratorium and issued a SECOND moratorium the day after they lost an appeal attempting to reimpose the first moratorium.

Significantly, no company harmed by the moratoriums have brought a contempt action against the administration. Instead, drilling companies are streaming out of the Gulf to points south and east. Why would that be?

Because whether the federal courts would stand up to Obama or not, they have seen his pitchforks sicked on other similarly-situated corporations daring to make a profit outside of legal processes, and figure that if they must operate in a world devoid of an American Rule of Law, they would just as soon risk the tender mercies of non-American Rule by Men happy to have the business.

This time, the attack on America is coming from Washington, D.C.

The only way it doesn’t end up requiring nullification, succession and massive reconstruction this time, is if we send people like Republican Jason Sagar to populate a Congress presently dominated by Democrats happy to have Obama impose the liberal will over their heads.

[h/t to Redstate’s BigGator5]

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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