Obama's Ground-Zero-mosque triskaidekaphobial final kiss-off

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, a black cat crosses America’s path

Nearly nine years after radical Muslims killed thousands of innocents in Lower Manhattan, not only has no memorial been erected at their Ground Zero burial ground; but on the contrary, our Commander-in-Chief supports the right of radical Muslims to dance on their graves.

President Barack Hussein Obama is an American by birth, but doesn’t seem to like it very much. The First Lady first had pride in her country when her husband won a majority of Democratic Party voters in the 2008 Iowa Caucuses.

I wonder if August 13, 2010 will mark the day when the President wrote off the 2012 Iowa Caucus and his re-nomination, much less any chances for re-election?

Given the 70-80% opposition of Americans to the New York City’s zoning sacrilege, what to make of a President of the United States/First Citizen of the World  simultaneously intent on serving as Governor of Arizona and Mayor of New York?

After all, at least the Honorable Michael Bloomberg implied that his support for the “Cordoba” Mosque as substitute for the Twin Towers was dependent on mosque organizers showing “special sensitivity to the situation”. Guess NYC’s elected leader missed the sensitivities Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf shows towards Hamas, when refusing to denounce their violence as terrorism, not mention the naming of the proposed structure as an ode to retake Spain, presumably with no future “crusades” allowed for those forced to worship Allah and not draw Mohammed at the point of the sword.

Democrats turned against President Jimmy Carter for so much less cause in 1980 after four years in office than they could justifiably turn from President Obama after less than two, today. But given the apology tours abroad, assault on job producers at home and the latest aid and comfort for Hamas-apologists at home on Bad Luck Day, isn’t it more accurate to say that our Chief Executive has turned his back on We the People of all but the “professional left”?

Despite the policy failures of the late 70s, there was never any doubt of President Carter’s love of America and desire for our country’s well-being. I have more than doubts about whether Obama loves the USA and could win that case before a jury by using only quotes from his books and career and actions and statements in office.

Astoundingly, the most far left president in our history has been attacking the leftist fount from which he sprung and vice versa, but don’t fall for the predictable spin that Friday the 13th marked the latest day of bad luck for Obama. His low stature is all his own doing and was also quite predictable.

Ground Trinity United Mosque

What else to call his Hate-America Church of 20 years when not infrequently inhabited by the man Barack always calls by the honorificMinister” Louis Farrakhan, except the Trinty Ground Mosque? Infidel “Christians” honoring the leader of a church that dubs Christians infidels?

Will Obama’s already low 40s approval rating now reduce to only the professional left? In other words, will significant numbers of Democrats now acknowledge their President’s abandonment of any pretense of representing the will of the people?

The Great Recession that ObamaDems were hired to end but haven’t, had already ensured a 2010 GOP wave before ObamaCare was shoved down 60% of our throats and before his Just-Us Department defied 70% of Americans’ wishes by suing the State of Arizona for daring to try and repel the ongoing invasion.

The final apology?

Tolerance and more tolerance for Mexico, Iran’s mullahs, and scientists intent upon national suicide praying for BP’s oil spill to land on Daytona and Myrtle beaches. No tolerance for private sector job formation, oil drilling or Iran’s freedom fighters.

America’s founding was flawed from the start with a Constitution of only “negative liberties” and a federal government too weak to direct our actions with light bulbs, taking pills and going home to die, and plug-in cars designed to get us to the welfare office and back, but no further.

Was the Thirteenth of August in the 2007th Year of our Lord the day that agent of Hope and Change finally had the Audacity to finally and completely avert his gaze from those he is sworn to serve and turn his face fully and completely to maximizing his own vision of a fundamentally changed America  in HIS and ONLY his image?

I think so.

Obama seems a man roiling with anger at his country and with personal demons. He seems to carry no flag for the original tea partiers, much less those getting sick on his bitter tea. He obviously inherited contempt for Britain from his Kenyan, British subject father.

But given Barack’s accelerating mission to get even with America’s past demons, I wouldn’t be surprised if his final mea culpa will be to apologize to the United Kingdom for denying them the Lower Forty-Eight.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Charlotte ObserverThe Minority Report and Examiner.com archives


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