Cockstradamus on death (of white guilt) and taxes (as mandates)

Cockstradamus on race, losing the white (guilt) vote, etc

With the N.L. East-leading Atlanta Braves still on track to defeat the New York Yankees in the World Series, it seems a good time for our visionary alter ego to bring his high wire act to bear on correct crowings of the recent past and the immediate future.

The complete lists follow this more in-depth discussion of the in-the-tank-“journolist” media’s obsession with protecting their far left champion from his own failures. The latest iteration follows the recent liberal “reporter” e-mail group scandal that proves  the Drive-By Media conspired to downplay campaign revelations about President Barack Obama’s pastor of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah “G-D America” Wright.

Now, amidst the ongoing downfall of Obama’s policies and poll popularity, references to his loss of approval “among whites” has become ubiquitous, oftentimes accompanied by inferences, if not outright explicit accusations, that white racism is behind his fall.

The Death of White Guilt

Before exploring the details, can we put the latest liberal Democrat president’s poll numbers in context?

Given all the talk of the growing Hispanic vote and a near-future America in which Caucasians are no longer a majority, one might not realize that approximately 80% of the votes cast in the 2008 Presidential election were by whites.

Obama, like pasty-white past Presidents Jimmy Carter (1980 and 1976) and Bill Clinton (1996 and 1992), failed to win a majority of the white vote, although he did win a higher portion than those liberal Democrats (and also received more than Al Gore and John Kerry in their losing campaigns).

Carter won a post-Watergate razor-close election and Clinton got two assists from a pasty-white Arkansan, but both Carter and Clinton suffered electoral defeats (Carter in 1980 and Clinton in the 1994 mid-term) due to failed liberal policies that alienated all but the most loyal portion of their base: Blacks.

The trend is the same with Obama as with pasty-white liberal Democrats. His race has nothing to do with his fall from Hope, Change and Grace with the majority of Americans, except for one caveat:

A great many of the white voters that made Obama the Commander-in-Chief were independents disgusted with Bush and McCain who decided to purge themselves of white guilt.

Cockstradamus crowed after Obama’s Inauguration, no matter the effect of the election of the first Black president on how liberals continued to play the race card, that the playing of said card would no longer serve as a powerful weapon to silence the critics of liberals.

And so we had the White cops are stupid racists, Gates-gate beer summit as the first illustration. And now, those indies that covered their ears to Wright’s racism have cleaned out their ears to judge Obama’s job non-performance in ending the Great Recession and his “Just-Us” Department, as if he were just a regular pasty-white guy.

The greatest moment in the full integration of Major League Baseball was not Jackie Robinson’s debut as a player, nor Frank Robinson’s as a manager. Rather, it was when Robinson was fired for losing too many games. America seems poised to reach that kind of Nirvana in 2012 when they fire Obama.

Most white Americans long ago shed the vestiges of racism. White racism long ago ceased to be a significant impediment to the achievement of the American Dream by non-whites. And most whites are sick and tired of keeping their tolerant mouths shut to false charges of racism that serve to cover up the real threat to all of us achieving the American Dream, i.e. failed liberal Democrat policies!

My plea to Black Americans: Will you join us in a merit-based, eyes-wide open society of human beings and quit whining about skin color as a crutch?

Biting our lips at the Rev. Wright kooks you trot out was hard even during the Reagan-Clinton salad days, but now, as we have to pass up the Le Sueur peas for the store name-brand peas, it is impossible.

Other dawn announcement vindications

  • During the ObamaCare debate last year, DeVine Law Cockstradamus suggested that the only way the individual mandate to purchase health insurance could be constitutionally enforced would be via the 16th Amendment’s income tax authorization. After insisting for over a year that the mandate was not a tax, President Barack Obama now argues the opposite in court challenges to the law.
  • Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA-4) defeated former DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones in the Democratic Party primary in a landslide.
  • Michael Vick still not on track to learn any life-changing lessons from a two-year prison term, and though technically not a subject of the poultry oracle prognostications, we did bemoan his long prison term for animal abuse as draconian and urged others to accept his apologies. We now agree with Jason Whitlock that Vick’s honeymoon is over after the “white linen” birthday party shooting.

Coming vindications:

  • Tea-partier favorite Karen Handel will defeat 28-year Congressman Nathan Deal for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in two weeks and will go on to defeat Roy Democrat-that-won’t-be-seen-with-Obama Barnes in the Fall;
  • Braves win 2010 World Series; and
  • University of South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks, fresh off their College World Series victory (and first men’s national championship since their founding in 1801), will defeat the Georgia Bulldogs in September.

Cockstradamus now returns to his sabbatical in the Azores…

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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