Rangel-ing Obama's Just-Us Department

A familiar lament of many Blacks about the heavy hand of “justice” being arbitrarily applied that survived long after Jim Crow, was that “just us”, i.e. Blacks, seemed to suffer the consequences of the application of the law.

Of course, Blacks have suffered disproportionately from unjust applications of the law in our history, but not just them and not so disproportionately for many decades. I have visited many white folks in jail, and after all, Oprah, Michael and Barack managed to avoid injustice in a 70-80% white nation to reach heights most non-Blacks never reach.

But it seems from reading Obama’s dreams of his father; listening to his pastor’s hate America and Whitey sermons; and documenting many of his actions since being given control of the nukes, that President Barack Hussein Obama and Attorney General Eric “nation of race cowards” Holder mean to even the score against just us Caucasians.

Apparently, Liberty, and the hundreds of thousands that died to end slavery and de jure segregation, isn’t sufficient.

How else to explain foreign apology tours, KSM’s “OJ” trial in NYC, Fannie and Freddie, typical white grandmas under buses, Dodd Bill quotas, exonerations of billy club-wielding New Black Panther voter intimidators, and the War on Arizona?

Now comes this:

The House Ethics Committee formally unveiled charges yesterday against Representative Charles Rangel after efforts to reach a settlement apparently fell short, setting the stage for a potentially historic trial of the 20-term congressman.

In a preliminary hearing on the case, a subcommittee disclosed 13 charges that lawmakers described as “very serious’’ violations of House rules and federal law.

Isn’t Holder’s job to prosecute violations of federal law? I thought so, but apparently the President that values selective “empathy” over the blindfolded Lady Justice in Supreme Court nominees, extends that concept to old liberal Democrats:

“I think Charlie Rangel served a very long time and served– his constituents very well. But these– allegations are very troubling,” Obama told Harry Smith in an interview to be aired on the “Early Show.” and first broadcast on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

“And he’ll– he’s somebody who’s at the end of his career. Eighty years old. I’m sure that– what he wants is to be able to– end his career with dignity. And my hope is that– it happens. “

Obama deemed it undignified to accept the guilty plea of the architect of 911 and put him to death, yet has no “empathy” for al Qaeda’s victims. Obama has empathy for haters of “crackers”, but cares not for indignities visited upon the crackers. Obama deems renting undignified, but has no empathy for the responsible homeowners that must pay for non-mortgage payers to live above their means. The Dodd Bill includes quotas for new home loans for all but whites.

Obama told us in his first autobiography that he knows what whites think; knows they don’t like blacks (recent Electoral College count be damned); and that even his white grandmother deserves not the dignity nor empathy afforded Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Iran’s mullahs, and the soon-to-be-registered-to-vote-Democrat invaders of the Grand Canyon State and the rest of the Lower Forty-Eight.

Despite Eric Holder’s characterization of America as race cowards,  I do not believe that the Obama Administration is afraid to charge Charlie Rangel, or Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner [an “Uncle Bill” (Clinton) – see its equivalent in Stowe’s seminal slavery novel]  for that matter, with violations of federal law.

No, the issue is not one of fear. Rather, the issue is one of revenge against just us whites that don’t genuflect at the sound of Trinity Church’s most famous member.

We now live under a de facto dictatorship, and if you haven’t yet been dictated to, just wait. It takes time for dictators to get around to 300 million subjects.

The Drive-By media’s latest ploy to run interference for the self-described “mongrel” is to bemoan his loss of popularity among “whites”, as if that reflects poorly on whites as racists. But the fact is that in a nation where 80% of registered voters are Caucasian, every President that loses favor with the electorate does so with the majority of people that live here, as if!

Just ask pasty-white Clintons in 1994, Kerrys in 2004, Carters in 1980 about losing fellow whites. But at least Bill and Jimmy weren’t out for revenge.

Many of the tea partiers are those whose ears were covered to Rev. Wright in 2008, but who hear him clearly now speaking from his audaciously hopeful acolyte.

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Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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