Georgia 'journolist' won't use L-word on Barnes, Obama

Georgia version of protectors of Obama from his Hate-America pastor

Winston Churchill famously said that, “In wartime truth is so precious that she should be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

Sadly, most of the so-called Mainstream Media uses its First Amendment freedom as that of Drive-By Media bodyguards shooting the messengers to protect Democrats from their own lies and embarrassments.

The long-known reality that we haven’t much of a Press interested in reporting facts that hold both parties equally accountable went public recently in the “Journolist” scandal. It seems that over 400 “reporters” had a “confidential” email group that conspired to play down the significance of then candidate Barack Obama’s Hate-Whitey-America Church and considered falsely planting lies that certain conservatives and Republicans were racists to distract attention.

No one with a pulse should have been shocked given the nearly 50 years of more and less subtle versions of such interference-running for liberal and Democrats by those that order ink by the barrel.

Moreover, no organized O-lists or conspiracies are required for liberal ideologues to do what comes natural: lie.

Covering up lies with superfluous ink

The latest version comes from the Peach State’s “PolitiFact” and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and their mission to return the former “King Roy” to the Governor’s office as the servant of Georgia’s education lobby.

President Barack Obama is coming here to Atlanta tomorrow for a fundraiser and a speech to Disabled American Veterans.

Obviously, the Administration sent the former Governor an invitation; Barnes received the invitation; and Barnes would have re-scheduled close relatives’ funerals if his party’s president weren’t presiding over the 1930s equivalent of “Hoovervilles” and whose popularity was over 50%.

Barnes denies receiving an invitation and claims a conflict in scheduling with events in South Georgia. Yet, instead of a headline asking,

“Who is lying, Roy or Barack?”,

the July 30 version of the Urinal-Constipation declares that:

Barnes ducks Obama despite invitation

Apparently ducking is better than lying, except when a fellow journalist and shill for Iraqi megalomaniac dictators responsible for murdering over 300,000 innocents, throws a shoe at a Republican president, but I digress.

The story should have been a few paragraphs long. It doesn’t take 28 paragraphs to write a truthful story about a he said/she said on such a simple matter as an invitation. Instead, the story takes such meandering,  labyrinthine routes to avoid the question of which Democrat is lying, that by the end of the story, the reader is more likely to feel they have been invited to be impressed with such Clintonian lying skills.

Moreover, consider this seeming throwaway paragraph:

But why would Democrats not invite Barnes to one of their highest-profile Georgia events of the year? What follows is a story about the state of state politics in Georgia. It’s a saga about the difficulty of being a Democrat running for statewide office in Georgia, a state where Republicans rule.

No, what follows is that a Democrat lied. It is obvious that Barnes lied. But rather than make that deadly sin and the obvious political weakness of a Democrat President the theme of the story, the sin is relegated to comic “pants on fire” relief that is made necessary by GOP rule!

Yes, it is difficult to tell the truth if you are a Democrat and want to fool enough voters to elect you because the truth is that Democratic Party policies fail every time they are tried.

This is why the dethroned King’s first TV ad in his race to regain his old job blamed Georgia job losses on pro-life legislation that failed to pass the General Assembly.  Barnes identified effete with effete Yankee liberals in the ad to laugh at Georgians that are against making babies ripe for embryonic stem cell killings, rather than admit that the failed policies of his Democratic Party allies in D.C. are responsible for the high unemployment rate.

Democrats lie as babies and the truth die.  Have a nice trip below the Gnat line on Monday, Roy; as the “reporters” protect Obama from his lies up here in the Piedmont.

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Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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