Harold Hutchison's Strike Group Reagan

Tired of politically correct characterizations of would-be Christmas Day and Times Square bombers and Fort Hood Shooters? Eyes glazed over from seemingly serious talking heads wondering if Iran is a serious threat to world peace?

Take a candor break to the beach and read Harold Hutchison’s novel, ‘Strike Group Reagan’.

Besides enjoying getting to read and say the name of the aircraft carrier named for the man that defeated the evil empire, eyes-wide open observers of the world will welcome candid and obvious threat assessments from the Muslim world via the lips of U.S. military officers and intelligence agents.

Strike Group Reagan would have been a refreshing take from Pentagon spokesman news conferences even in the midst of the invasion of Iraq, but after nearly two years into the Obama Era of “man-made disasters by extremists”, the back and forth between Navy Fighter Pilot Renee Patterson and her Commander Marissa O’Malley is like a refreshing cool shower on a hot and muggy summer day.

Yes, conservatives and the military practice true merit-based diversity in the choosing of Secretaries of State and novel characters, with Renee and Marissa answering to orders from the USS Ronald Reagan.

The action takes place around the globe with terrorist activity directed mainly in Tunisia where Renee Patterson’s sister is studying archeology when violence breaks out.

Hutchison, the Consulting Senior editor of Soldier of Fortune magazine, is a master of military equipment, logistics and strategy.

Enjoy a spectacular journey inside the US Military during a time of true crisis as competent professionals protect America and the world.

Strike Group Reagan is available here at Amazon.com. Consult Facebook page for details on author and other information.

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