Pilgrim corrects Globe: GOP alive in New England

Republicans contest nearly all House Districts in New England

Green Papers reports that at least one Republican candidate is contesting 21 out of 22 congressional districts in the six northeastern states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

It appears that the tea partying that allowed Republican Scott Brown to seize the so-called “Kennedy Seat”, has spread in all directions from the Bay State to all of New England, where Democrats can’t catch a break.

We could only hope that Democrats running for office are as clueless as the Drive-by Media and those that reply upon their “reports”, especially a recent Mark Arsenault story in the Boston Globe brought to our attention by Pilgrim in The Minority Report.

Arsenault relied upon unnamed “political analysts” in his Lullaby to Democrats that only 3 of 22 districts were being seriously contested by Republicans. Arsenault’s “analysts” are the kind that don’t read state election qualification certifications. TMR’s Pilgrim reports:

About the only thing the article [titled, GOP may miss chances in N.E.]has right is that there are 22 US House seats in New England. I checked Green Papers, and found that at least one, and in some districts multiple, GOP candidates are contesting in 21 of these 22 districts. Just the top fundraising candidates alone have collected $5,337,725, and they call this missing an opportunity?

But before my fellow tea partying Republicans get sleepy-eyed, consider some self-voter-suppression efforts by those that like to be quoted:

“You have a weak party system on the Republican side up there,’’ said Davis, now president of the Republican Main Street Partnership, a Washington political group that works to elect centrist Republicans. “You have virtually no legislators or mayors. I mean, that’s where you build your bench.’’

Hasn’t Davis noticed that this is not the year of the usual bench! This is the year of the replacements! Pilgrim lists 21 of them…our kicker also punts…

ME-01 Dean ScontrasTot $152,320; Dsb $84,934
ME-02 Jason Levesque Tot $259,166; Dsb $189,074
CT-01 Ann Brickley Tot $73,681; Dsb $18,358
CT-02 Daria Novak Tot $49,730; Dsb $31,629
CT-03 Jerry Labriola Tot $100,674; Dsb $47,565
CT-04 Dan Debicella Tot $725,608; Dsb $221,485
CT-05 Sam Caligiuri Tot $548,538; Dsb $357,707
VT-AL John Mitchell Tot $14,500; Dsb $15,631
RI-01 John Loughlin Tot $448,299; Dsb $347,801
RI-02 Bill Clegg Tot $138,860; Dsb $27,144
NH-01 Sean Mahoney Tot $927,082; Dsb $485,804
NH-02 Charlie Bass Tot $480,626; Dsb $147,568
MA-01 Bill Gunn Tot $9,451; Dsb $6,605
MA-02 Jay Fleitman Tot $89,484; Dsb $73,583
MA-03 Brian Herr Tot $66,502; Dsb $43,154
MA-04 Sean Bielat Tot $179,479; Dsb $84,403
MA-05 Jon Golnik Tot $205,417; Dsb $92,603
MA-06 Bill Hudak Tot $487,987; Dsb $361,753
MA-07 Gerry Dembrowski Tot $11,792; Dsb $8,550
MA-09 Keith Lepor Tot $7,492; Dsb $2,916
MA-10 Jeff Perry Tot $361,037; Dsb $221,383

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Link for Redstate version of Pilgrim story here.

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