Lindsey Graham doesn't yet hear the screams and...

…Loves the quiche in Meet the Press green room, or

Why Sessions can’t un-Hatch Graham

As a veteran trial lawyer, it was a thing of beauty to watch the former South Carolina prosecutor’s cross-examination of Sonia Sotomayor. The Seneca, S.C. trial lawyer embarrassed her and became so embarrassed himself at having exposed such ignorance and lack of fealty to the U.S. Constitution she would have to swear to uphold, that the Good ‘Ol Boy backed-off near the end of the questioning.

Surely, I thought, if any senator’s vote against President Barack Obama’s first nominee to the nation’s highest court was assured, it was a “no” vote from the senior senator from the Palmetto State.

It was not to be.

Lindsey Graham voted “aye” on the Judiciary Committee and on the floor to replace David Souter with the “Wise Latina”. Now, after a milder, but no less effective questioning exposing Elena Kagan’s lack of qualifications for the U.S. Supreme Court, John McCain’s protege will again vote “aye”, so de minimus does Graham view the consequences of the election of conservative Republican senators.

Ruling Class co-starring roles on Sunday Shows

You see, Graham still follows the old Hatch Comity Rule that values the weight and consequences of the election of liberal Democrats to the Presidency and the value of co-starring roles on the liberal media’s Sunday Shows.

Why hasn’t Lindsey followed Utah’s Orrin in the direction their new Ranking Member Senator, Jeff Sessions (R-AL), has blazed in Advising Presidents to only nominate judges that will honor the Oath to uphold the Constitution, rather than Consent to what passes for cool at Georgetown parties and trial lawyer association seminars?

Could it be that pro-life Senator Hatch has a conscience and could no longer brag on his 80% GOP caucus votes for Bill Clinton’s Stever Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, while hearing the screams of millions of babies aborted since those two upheld Roe via Casey v Planned Parenthood?

Could it be that as Hatch nears the sunset of his Senate career, appearing with David Gregory on Sunday holds less appeal?

Could it be that Lindsey Graham wants to be able to hold his head higher to approval of his trial lawyer colleagues rather than hold it high among voters that won’t have a shot at his head this election cycle?

Graham obviously doesn’t yet hear the screams

Whittaker Chambers explains in his Witness that communists begin to hear the screams of their victims in the night. I imagine at some point the same would occur to those that enable mass murder in the womb. But clearly Lindsey still sleeps well…

How else to explain his SCOTUS nominee votes, much less his post-discrediting climate-scientist emails push for cap and trade attacks on the poor with lib-Dem pal John Kerry riding shotgun?

Yes, the same Massachusetts Democrat that his mentor John McCain almost joined on a ticket against tax-cutting, Muslim-liberating, America-protecting President George W. Bush.

Rush explains Graham as one of those Republicans that want to be a part of the “ruling class”, as described in Angelo M. Codevilla’s America Spectator treatise. I must admit that the confirmed batchelor’s chances of finding a bride seeking an un-tall man in liberal MSM green rooms, would be enhanced by a reputation for poking conservatives and Republicans in the eye, rather than as the House Manager that got Monica’s beau impeached.

Under Sessions’ leadership, and with Hatch and Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) lending strong support, the GOP set a record with their “no” votes against Sotomayor; and, current public Republican senators’ commitments ensure a vote against Kagan at least as strong.

It is a shame that the GOP vote is not unanimous and that at least a few Democrats won’t join and make a filibuster viable.

But unless Lindsey drinks some tea real soon, he won’t be viable for re-election as he keeps kicking against the shins of conservatives and his South Carolina constituents who revere the Constitution more than Graham’s readings of nominees hearts and the definition of mainstream:

“If I believed that she had animosity in her heart about those who wear the uniform, I could easily vote no,” Graham said. “I don’t believe that.”

Liberals read hearts. Conservatives read consequences.

It wasn’t enough that Harvard Professor Kagan broke federal law twice in banning ROTC military recruiters from access to students. It wasn’t enough that she approves of five lawyers as the “third way” to amend the Constitution over and above the two ways the document itself provides. It’s not enough that she has practically zero experience as a lawyer and none as a judge. Its not enough that Kagan’s Harvard administration remained lily white.

All that matters to Senator Graham is that Presidential elections have consequences; the nominee hasn’t been convicted of a felony; and she says she adores the military in the nomination hearing, and …VOILA!…please go re-write our constitution while I bask in the glow of liberal admirers at 21 in The Big Apple, far away from Clinton impeachments, the little people in Clemson, and that bothersome Constitution.

Bob Scheiffer’s Face the Nation booking agent may soon laminate Lindsey’s membership card in the Ruling Class.

[Originally published at 73Wire Law Factory]

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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