Christie-Like Handel in GA GOP run-off for governor

Karen Handel will face Nathan Deal in GOP gubernatorial run-off, after the tea partier and Sarah Palin-favorite garnered a third of the vote in yesterday’s Georgia primary.

Deal, a long-time Congressman backed by former Speaker of the House and fellow Georgian Newt Gingrich, captured 23% of the vote to earn a spot in the run-off to determine who will face the Democratic Party nominee, former Governor Roy Barnes.

Barnes has already established his bona fides as the #1 shill for King Education in the Peach State. So, if Georgia voters want to be taxed to death to fund an infinite number of non-teacher, education workers in perpetuity, Roy is your man.

But what of Deal and Handel on the most prominent part of the Budget?

Former Secretary of State Handel is the ONLY remaining candidate for the state’s highest office to promise non-teacher education cuts:

“…front-line classroom educators need to be the priority. In all likelihood we’ll be looking at some broader work force reduction in the area of non-teacher, non-public safety aspects of government.”

Bravos from DeVine’s Law factory! Finally, a candidate with the Chris (NJ Governor) Christie-like courage to take on the education lobby in Georgia.

Given her opponents’ vague statements on the matter it looks more likely that Deal would make Gov. Sonny Perdue-like deals with the “teachers” lobby and sell-out like the GOP did last session.

[Originally published at 73Wire Law Factory]

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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