Should Coast Guard obey courts or Obama in Gulf?

“New” deep-water oil-drilling ban defies the rule of law

President Barack Obama directed a rare non-Czar, actually confirmed-by-the-Senate Secretary, to stop Americans from bailing themselves out of the Great Recession and BP oil spill aftermath, with lightning speed this week, after federal courts dared to defy the “Rule of Obama”:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar issued revised rules on Monday for a six-month moratorium on deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, replacing an earlier one that had been declared invalid by federal courts…

“The suspensions ordered today, however,” the materials said, “are the product of a new decision by the secretary and new evidence regarding safety concerns, blowout containment shortcomings within the industry and spill response capabilities that are strained by the BP oil spill.”

No “new” evidence has been discovered since court hearings that resulted in federal court decisions disallowing the first oil drilling moratorium.

The legal bases of the new regulations, sold as making the new ban more “limited”, were considered and rejected by the New Orleans Federal District Court and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in overturning Obama’s first attempt to shut down the oil industry in the Gulf.

Obama’s war on We the People’s Liberty to pursue health happiness, secure the border and now, to fuel the modern world, continues

Just last week, the Law Factory gleefully announced a rare triumph of English Common law over President Barack-the-Brit-hating-dreamed-of-father-Obama, only to see that victory dashed, at least for now, by a new, unilateral executive order issued only hours after the ruling of the appeals court.

Obama’s actions are a insult to the rule of law, including the statute they hide behind

The law applied by the federal courts places a very heavy burden on those seeking temporary restraining orders, or TROs, including the Executive Branch under the statute. Therefore, it is very unlikely that a court reviewing the new moratorium would approve it.

What ought to happen tomorrow is for an oil company to petition the Fifth Circuit and/or the NOLA District Court for immediate an immediate TRO suspending the moratorium pending a hearing and a “rule of the case” that any future moratorium first be subjected to court scrutiny before taking effect.

Civil disobedience tipping point?

DeVine Law has been calling for civil disobedience on oil drilling bans on land and near shore since the Dems filibustered Bush Administration attempts to open up areas to exploration in the 2000s.

The feds bail out their rich friends in banks and unions but won’t let We the People make a living!

We were joined a few weeks ago in our general call for MLK-like protests by attorney Mark Levin and months ago by people of faith via the Manhattan Declaration.

Since then, those wearing crosses have been denied access to federal property and those in the press wishing to report on BP oil spill damage have been denied access to the area.

Must we wait only on elections to stop the Obama deep doo doo well leaks?

What more must this Dictator do before we take actions other than voting? It is obvious that the super-majority Dem Congress has no stomach for defying the liberal they have been waiting for.

Wouldn’t it be inspiring if some courageous deep-water oil-drillers not named BP would defy the new moratorium, pending federal court review, and force the Commander-in-Cheif to use the military, instead of the pitchfork threats regularly employed by the current thugocracy in the White House.

I can’t imagine the Coast Guard taking military action against Americans trying to make a living with federal courts backing them up.

But it appears that rather than fight a 4-year war to try and make money under the changing rules of Obama, many understandably prefer the Egyptian and other rules of law to the Third World-like environment Obama manifests:

Even as Mr. Salazar retooled his moratorium, the first deep water drilling rig was preparing to leave the Gulf in the wake of the U.S. ban. Diamond Offshore said it is relocating its Ocean Endeavour drilling rig to Egypt, immediately, in a contract that will run at least through mid-2011. Diamond CEO Larry Dickerson said “We greatly regret the loss of U.S. jobs that will result from this rig relocation.”

It appears that the only moratorium oil companies and other Atlas-Shrugging job producers will trust would be an election ensuring no more deep-doo-doo well drilling by Obama and the Democratic Party that enables him.

Before Obama took office, we bemoaned the coming attack on the energy industry, but didn’t imagine the lengths to which he would go in exploiting crises to wage war on the poor, lower income families, the middle class and job producers.

Now, we imagine that if we are to avoid a second Great Depression, conservatives must go to lengths never imagined as necessary, and we think Martin Luther King showed us the way. His way may be the only way We the People can “overcome” ObamaDem tyranny.

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Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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