Kagan mirrors Obama rule by men, rejects rule of law

Tea parties rejecting rule by men in favor of the rule of law would follow an effective exposure of the views of President Barack Obama and his Supreme Court nominee’s views.

“Since elections have consequences”, we are told by not a few Republican senators, Elena Kagan should be deemed qualified and appointed for life to the Supreme Court so long as her judicial philosophy is “in the mainstream”.

No matter that current mainstream judicial philosophy became so as liberals increasingly rejected the old mainstream embodied in the Oath all justices must swear to uphold the written Constitution of the United States.

Only dead constitutions establish rule of law

To be a modern day liberal and Democrat is to reject the limits of that dead (written, pictured above)-since-last-amended U.S. Constitution in favor of a still-unseen and un-ratified “living constitution”, that no one fought and died for.

People become Democrats because they have this view, so we usually know that a nominee is not qualified when we see the letter “D” after the last name of the President that appoints them.

That’s right, all Democrat nominees are not qualified, by definition, unless you think it prudent to hire an employee after they tell you they reject the job description, and if hired, will right their own rules. What could be more disqualifying than the certainty that the employee will not perform the task they are being hired to do?

But so long as one is a Democrat “in the mainstream”, sworn Oaths are mere ceremonial babble designed to divert people’s attention away from the swearing in of a nine-headed return of King George and rule be men.

Liberal Democrats reject the American revolution

America’s revolution was the rejection of the rule of men in favor of the rule of law established by the consent of the governed. Rules of law allow men to better pursue happiness through voluntary risk-taking, given the removal of the risk of arbitrary exercises of governmental power at the whim of a few elites with the guns.

President Barack Obama, secure in the knowledge that he can do anything he wants so long as a mere third of his Democrats in Congress would not vote to impeach and remove him from office, routinely ignores the rules of law in the Constitution that limit his power, as well as laws that protect others, through the use of Third-World and Mafia-like public threats and intimidation that have always been deemed beneath the Office of President of the United States.

Elena Kagan is Obama’s nominee to achieve the same goals by re-writing the Constitution more in the image of Napolean than that of James Madison.

Why respect law written by five lawyers but not ratified Constitution

But they sow the seeds for their own eventual demise, because why would they expect us to respect written opinions of five lawyers, when they reject the contract written by super-majorities of We the People?

The ObamaDems have the numbers to ensure that Kagan joins the Nation’s highest court, but the hearings are not just about her. Rather, they are more about who the final arbiter of what is mainstream elect to choose the next justice.

Republicans also take an oath to uphold the Constitution, and for the life of me, I can’t see how they could be true to that oath and vote for any nominee that promises not to uphold that same Constitution.

That Kagan is “smart”, went to Ivy League schools, and hasn’t committed murder does not make her “qualified”. Yes, Obama’s election has consequences. So should there be consequences of the election of Senators.

The GOP will be going to the American people this fall needing huge gains in Congress to be able to reverse ObamaDems’ disastrous policies. It only makes it harder to justify our command of the First Branch of Government if we don’t distinguish ourselves while constituting the Third Branch.

Tea partiers, especially, need to see overwhelming GOP “no” votes after Kagan’s nomination hearing this week, if we are to build an effective governing majority to save the Rule of Law and the America it built.

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Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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