1801 chicken curse ends, 2010 depression still out to kill the rooster

Obamadems won’t let us bail ourselves out

They won’t cut taxes for job producers. On the contrary, they refuse to repeal tax increases. They won’t allow expanded oil drilling on land or near shore. On the contrary, they ban all oil drilling in deep water. They won’t let foreign oil skimmers into the Gulf. On the contrary, they threaten Louisiana with Coast Guard flotillas for building a sand barrier. They won’t secure the border. On the contrary, they are suing to prevent states from protecting themselves.

Pursuits of happiness restricted to sports

At least the South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks were allowed to pursue college national championships since the university’s founding in 1801 until they finally killed the “chicken curse” with their 2-1 College World Series victory over UCLA this week.

Donkey curse of 2007 continues

DeVine Law Gamecock and the rest of We the People have been afforded no such pursuit of happiness luxury since the super-majority “donkey curse” began last year.

The pure joy, that the men of my native Palmetto State alma mater had finally proved themselves superior to all others after 209 years, has faded into despair as we gaze upon a less-Fruited Plain.

Knowing what JFK and Reagan’s tax rate cuts wrought, one can only conclude that Obama will abide no rooster to crow but himself. ObamaDems won’t be happy until all chickens awake only to his announcements of dawn. The latter might not be so bad if we hadn’t been waiting for sunlight since Democrats took over Congress in 2007. Investors got the message of the end of tax cuts.

The testing of the character of Americans

We wrote at the time of the 2008 financial crisis that we were going to be tested as a people by hard economic times not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The testing began with a Fannie Mae induced housing collapse leading to a Great Recession. Trials continued as investors continued to be forced to the sidelines by ObamaCare, higher taxes and demonization of profits. At all times no one has any money to spend to cause any profits to be made except those from the rushed inventory build up this year before the January 1, 2011 repeal of the Bush tax cuts.

Fears of a Double-Dip recession that Robert Reich and this baseball national champion saw as inevitable months ago. It is fundamental that for money to be spent, money must be had. Even Reich favors a years-long payroll tax holiday. Students of the Reagan-Clinton-Gingrich years have been calling for capital gains, estate and supply-side income tax cuts for two years.

Now here we are, 3 years down the road of this economic downturn, knowing that it will take at least two years to get the economy humming after corrective action is taken.

Today, we see that unemployment and new unemployment claims are up while the already rock bottom housing market dug thru rock and found a lower bottom closer to Hell.

It is time to call what we are living in by its proper name: Depression.

The test gets harder.

I suggest that you watch old black and white movies about the Depression that Hoover and FDR made great with assaults on business, both rhetorical and financial. Notice all those living in boarding houses and friends living in houses together. Notice the vegetable gardens in the backyards along with my fair-feathered friends making eggs and laying eggs. Notice what allows poor people to still find happiness.

I have discovered that there is joy to be had in Gamecocks and Atlanta Braves, but also in the enforced discipline of Kroger brand peas savings that allow one to have enough change to get a Kroger cola. Coke may add life, but first one has to have a life.

People and poultry, lend me your ears.

Only the love of God and his transmitted ability to us to love and care for each other is the only thing that can get us through what we are experiencing now and get us through the darker days, months and probably years to come.

Courage all…which is what the Dawgs, Gators, and Vols will need this fall when they face a USC no longer disabled by the chicken curse. Then comes the Atlanta victory over the Yankees in October, to be followed by the beginning of the end of the donkey curse when the GOP force-feeds tea partier concoctions down ObamaDem throats.

We the People that produce the jobs, work the jobs and pay the bills may be like those of the 1930s described by Amity Shlaes as forgotten by our government. But we don’t have to forget each other just because we are poorer in funds and we mustn’t forget to vote in November so that the remembering can begin anew.

Never again will a Clemson or any other fan of a school that has won national championships taunt the University of South Carolina now that Fighting Gamecocks killed the chicken curse. And this time, after we kill the latest donkey curse, let us elephants never forget what kills it: Liberty under the rule of law.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Charlotte ObserverThe Minority Report and Examiner.com archives


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