South Carolina as King's dream, USC's Omaha dream and gamecock dreams Redstate made real five years ago

Conservative character-content voters shame Democrats’ race-based identity politics

The Powers That Be (Neil) report that the non-artist variously known as gamecock, Mike DeVine, DeVine Law and Cockstradamus has been “registered” at Redstate for exactly 5.0 years.

Drudge failed to pick up the story, but the anniversary of the registered birth of “gamecock”  and my native Palmetto State’s recent conservative character-based election triumph, reminded me of my first tumultuous day at Redstate, made so by a GOP racial paranoia that Tim Scott’s election proves is unwarranted.

Gamecocks are fighting birds, the University of South Carolina baseball team version of which is only three wins away from the school’s first men’s national championship, but I digress.

The law school matriculation version of the pampered-between-fights bird that hired out a Clemson engineer with an alarm clock so he could sleep in, happened upon Redstate on the authority of Rush Limbaugh, after 15 years of matriculation at his Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies, including parodies.

The issue that animated this former Democrat that day in The Year 4 B.O. (pun intended due to the stink beginning in The Year One A.O.), was a discussion of the criteria President Bush should use in appointing a new Chief Justice to the Supreme Court.

Liberals were making their usual identity politics based demands, so during the back and forth, I borrowed a page from the left’s affirmative action playbook and suggested that given the denigration of denigration of white men by the left in academia, movies and the culture in general, that it would be best for my son to see a good white male role model.

I was briefly banned for a few hours but us reinstated after writing a short biography explaining my circle of black and white friends that moved on from race years ago; that Redstate should understand as Rush does that no matter how careful we are, the Media will call us racist; that we are entitled to parody too, just like the left; and that actual voters, black and white resent the Media and Dems’ false racism charges.

The Tim Scott victory over Strom’s son affirms a lifetime of rooster crowings

My dad coached the first integrated Little League teams in Spartanburg, blessing me with many close black friendships. My dream was Martin Luther King’s: equal treatment under the law. I wanted my black friends to be able to pursue the American dream just like the white son of a railroad carman.

The dream advanced so much in a state dubbed “too small to be an empire, yet too large to be an insane asylum” (something about an incident at Fort Sumter…)  from the 70s thru the 80s that Strom hired Armstrong Williams; racist jokes became a cause for ostracization among most whites; and more blacks moved back in than moved out.

Yet, from the perspective of a then young Democrat, it seemed that my party elders’ eyes remained glazed over with Bull Connor playing a Republican. Democrats would label Republicans as racist for being against certain laws, yet most of the Republicans I knew actually hired blacks.

Long story short, I was won over to modern day conservatism by Reaganite policies that work for all Americans as contrasted by Democrats that favored proven failed policies.

I left the Dem Party because I care about the poor, lower income and middle class families and abhor racism.

It is an insult to treat blacks as fragile children that mustn’t be offended. My first dead-tree MSM conservative voice column for the Charlotte Observer pled with whites to stop have the guts to treat blacks as equals instead of by the rules of political correctness. Live color-blindness.

What led to SC’s superior race relations and gamecock’s Southern race relations-superiority

In short, more practice than other states as to the former, and the discovery of latent, unintentional (mostly) anti-Southern bigotry among many well-meaning Redstate commenters, most of whom never lived in the South and know few blacks and were also quite ignorant of the non-PC black/white culture among most blacks and whites in the South.

Add to that the shared Judeo-Christian values that caused whites to buy into the moral argument.

At first, the bias I saw hurt me personally, but after much prayer concluded that I shouldn’t expect those up North to be as advanced in an area we have had so much experience with.

Most of these types also bought into judging The South by whatever anecdotal stories the Press chooses to highlight.

GOP frees all from poisonous Democratic-Party identity and race based politics

One thing I have always loved about the Republican Party from the first day I joined in 2001 is that conservatives care about policy and that if you will pass the right laws, they will support you.

I knew in the mid-80s that white racism was no longer a major impediment to the pursuit of the American dream by blacks. Quite frankly, there would be more elected black Republicans if they had only run years ago. It was never a question of Republicans not being willing to vote for Blacks that support conservative policies.

The main impediment had been the spectacle of the exodus of Dixiecrat segregation stars into the GOP due to Democrat-majority sponsored civil rights laws. Never mind the fact that more Republicans voted for the laws and that racists were never given any voice in the GOP. The branding was done just as LBJ’s welfare state commenced to destroy a great society of middle class black men and make Uncle Sam their Democrat daddy.

The other great impediment to black Republican recruitment has been the cultural ostracization of so-called Uncle Toms, but the prospect of from no less than 3-7 elected black Republicans in the House next January threatens that paradigm.

Tim Scott can talk Low Country to James Clyburn’s face embodying by his mere presence the total refutation of most of ObamaDems’ justification for existing as a party to be bulwark (read subsistence living in exchange for votes) against Racist White America.

When white Republicans give you two-thirds of their votes instead of to a fine young conservative son of a state icon, Clyburn’s wiggly contrived congressional district looks pathetic.

Soon, there could be so many black elected conservatives that the media won’t have the air time to schedule Clarence Thomas-type high tech lynchings for all of them.

Blacks suffering from a Great Recession Obama hasn’t ended by January 2011, will be afforded the spectacle of Black men and women on the floor of the House opposing ObamaDem policies that would make that black voter’s gasoline cost more; his dollars worth less; and illegal alien votes cancel his.

The day Frank Robinson was fired

Someone once told me that the more important moment in achieving equality was not when Frank Robinson was hired to manage a major league baseball team, but rather when he was fired for losing too many games, just like a white manager.

Obama will be fired because of failed liberal Democrat policies, just like Jimmy Carter was. Hopefully the Tim Scotts of the world will help the 90% of Blacks still voting for Democrats more clearly see that the same whites that hired him didn’t turn racist when they fire him.

Black and White and Redstate all over

There simply is no better conservative interaction site than Redstate, which also turned out to be the catylyst for a second gamecock career and the acheivement of a my second lifelong dream (law was the first) to write for a major newspaper.

Redstate debates were my proving grounds which led to The Minority Report and, Dave Hinz whom we all miss after his tragic death last year, and who edited my submissions to victory in a contest for the Charlotte Observer conservative voice columnist position.

Redstate has really been my conservative world. The conservative epiphany occurred after leaving my hometown for Atlanta, where I have been too busy with work to do more than vote as far as politics is concerned. I got burnt out on campaigns and party activities and positions as a Dem in the 80s and 90s, and am really as issues guy anyway.

My work for the party and the cause is writing, including whistle-blowing on the Dems I know so well.

Redstate has really helped make the second stage of my life much more meaningful than it otherwise would have been. I pursued happiness at Redstate and found it.

Can’t ask for more than that…except for a Gamecock national championship in baseball next week.