Intellectual snobbery and non-Greene votes of elected Democrats

We don’t elect congressmen to entertain us with intellectual repartee on Meet the Press.

Or at least we shouldn’t.

We elect members of the House and Senate to vote yea or nay on relatively easy choices of laws that affect our lives on war and our wallets.

Literally over 95% of all elected Democrats in DC have voted for all of the Obama agenda that the vast majority of Americans loathe that has prolonged the Great Recession; retarded Americans’ Liberty; communicated weakness to enemies abroad that invites aggression against us; and that threaten to destroy our currency and probably ensure a deep double dip in the economy.

No matter his intellectual capacity or mental health, could Alvin Greene have voted any worse than most all of his would be caucus colleagues on Capitol Hill?

No, he could not.

James Clyburn (D-SC), the third ranking Democrat in the House has suggested that Greene is a Republican plant which is absurd given that DeMint is such a heavy favorite. But given the poor state of economic affairs in Clyburn’s congressional district despite his many years “serving” it, if some had wished to conspire to sabotage his constituents, they couldn’t have done a better job if they had planted Clyburn!

[The South Carolina Democratic Party rejected Vic Rawl’s challenge of the primary election results that make Greene the nominee to face incumbent Republican Jim DeMint for seat in the U.S. Senate.]

The outrage of many on the left and even some on the right, that “a man like him” could be nominated smacks of the worst kind of elitist snobbery and ignores the damage done to this country by all the “intellectual giants” of the Democratic Party.

I speak now of John Kerry, Frank Church, Tip O’Neill, Jim Wright, Ted Kennedy, Jim Clyburn, John Spratt, Ernest Hollings, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Jim Webb, Barack Obama and the thousands more that have voted in Congress since the 1960s to run this country down.

I would rather have Alvin Greene voting blindfolded than that crowd. But of course, we have a superior alternative to Greenes and non-Greenes. His name is Jim DeMint who is the Republican incumbent that this rooster will be scratching out a vote for. But first, more crowing about the Greene man the Democrats wish would go Shiavo! (Truly, I think the attitude of many towards Greene is akin to the zeal of those that wanted Shiavo’s adulterous husband to have the right to pull the plug on his “useless” wife, but I digress…]

Election filing fees, name recognition and other reasons why Greene won

Vic Rawl was not as unknown as Greene; circuit court judges make at least one enemy with every case they decide; and Rawl didn’t put up much of a campaign either. And while Rawl was not the incumbent, his name is known as part of the establishment.

Even Democrats have anti-known Democrat fever.

Given all that, the spelling of his name as consistent with the spelling of many blacks and Greene’s position at the top of the ballot could explain his surprise victory, especially when coupled with his Democratic Party’s race and identity politics.

Finally, a non-Lieberman Democrat with a heart for the oppressed

I would love to think that the military veteran’s heart for the oppressed in North Korea contributed to his victory:

When asked Monday about his campaign plans in a telephone interview with The News , Greene ignored the question and launched into a statement about his foreign policy position — “one Korea under a single democracy.”

You gotta love the way Greene controls the agenda in discussions with the press! And any time a conservative on any issue or anyone that dares express outrage at the dictators the left coddles and the oppression of the people, they are characterized in the press as “launching” into such statements.

[Greene faces a] criminal obscenity charge stemming from an incident in November in which he was accused of showing an obscene image on a computer to a University of South Carolina female student at a dorm and then asking to go to her room.

He is innocent until proven guilty and I thought 18-year olds were adults capable of viewing frontal nudity and being asked out for dates, but I digress.

Greene maintains that he paid his filing fee of $10,400 out of money he saved while he was in the Army. Court records show that he was approved to receive a free lawyer as an indigent through the Richland County public defender’s office.

Does anyone else think that $10,400 is a bit high of a price to pay to get on the ballot? And after the bank crisis of 2008, can anyone fault Greene’s rational fear of banks?

Greene’s victory also lends some credence to my contention that one of the best ways to beat democrats is to say nothing!

Advocacy of known failed policies that make America weak abroad, create victim dependent wards of the state, and destroy the economy are what makes most all Democrats un-fit to serve, not their IQs.

It is the “smart” Democrats we should fear. Their should be no meeting of the minds of the beltway elites in both parties to look down their noses at Greene or South Carolina. It is not the Greenes of the world that have us slouching ever faster toward Gomorrah.

Beware the clever, witty, urbane and polished.

Ever hear any of them plead for the sufferers under Kim Jung Il? No, smart liberal democrats plead for taxpayer-funded early retirement government pension bailouts for the pampered and tolerance for evil.

When Democrats say Clintons and Obama are “smart” they are essentially saying they are good liars.

Greene may be the most qualified Democrat candidate since the early 60s.

Mike “gamecock ” DeVine’s Charlotte Observer and Examiner.com columns

Legal Editor of The Minority Report

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson