Defeated good ole white Christian SC establishment boy endorses Haley

The dangers of anti-Southern, anti-Christian, anti-male assumptions and stereotyping only makes the assumer look like a bigot, not me (exception to the “assume” rule)

For those that have been piling on my native state over a few recalcitrant boors and one name-caller despite the fact that Haley won the white, male and Christian vote:

Attorney General Henry McMaster will join former gubernatorial rival Nikki Haley on the campaign trail this weekend, appearing at stops in Charleston, Hilton Head and Estill.

McMaster finished third in the GOP primary last week and endorsed Haley on Tuesday. They will be joined by former Massachusetts Gov., and 2008 presidential candidate, Mitt Romney and former S.C. first lady Jenny Sanford.

Haley, who nearly won the four-way primary outright, faces U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett in Tuesday’s run-off.

The attacks on the State of South Carolina by the Left are expected. Those from the right truly hurt this Gamecock.

Never confuse what the media chooses to focus on with the reality of a state of over 5 million. The real story in SC is that they made an Indian-American the first of her ethnicity to be a state legislator in these United States. The real story is that mostly white Christian voters chose her to be the GOP nominee for governor over three white males. The real story is not one man that used a racial/ethnic slur, but rather the millions that did not and that are in the process of making Nikki Haley the first female Indian-American a governor of one of the United States of America.

Much like in 2000, McCain lost the SC primary because he was against tax cuts; was less than straight in his talk about the Confederate Flag; got caught on tape the week before the primary telling California Republicans that Americans “weren’t ready” for Roe v Wade to be overturned; and saw that the “Straight Talk Express” meant unjustifiably criticizing fellow Republicans while one’s head is up Chris Matthews butt in New Hampshire.

McCain did not lose to Bush because of a lone bigot faxing lies to a few thousand people.

I have never slandered the whole states of Illinois, Massachusetts or Arkansas due to the actions of a few named Obama, Kerry and Clinton. I would appreciate the favor being returned, especially by conservatives that should know better.

[Full disclosure: I never worked for Henry McMaster, but did work for his Dad’s firm while I was in Law School. I was a rabid Democrat at the time working a Republican firm, but I wrote good briefs!]

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