Examining the guts of Grand Ole Party tea [updated]

Must conservatives ask “how high” when MSM says jump, on GOPtea?


Just because a tea partier-Republican and a pre-tea partier Republican disagree on an issue, doesn’t mean its time to eat our young or aged beef.

If we diagnose gutlessness to every Republican congressman that dares disagree with privatization of Social Security, we won’t have enough guts left to defeat cloture motions, much less elect a GOP super-majority to repeal ObamaDem socialism and restore the shine to the City on a Hill.

The Pre-Tea NO votes against ObamaDems took guts

The ObamaDem super-majorities in Congress have passed five bills that threaten to ruin the currency, socialize medicine, and otherwise fundamentally change  these United States as a constitutional republic and fount of free market, private property rights-driven wealth.

They are close to granting President Barack Obama the right to seize any company it desires and seem intent on resurrecting their ObamaDem dreams of teaching us a lesson thru high energy taxes.

Apparently the way we heal the oil-saturated Gulf is to leave the water unfit for fishermen, put all oil workers out of work, and raise gasoline prices to $8/gallon, but I digress.

Out of over a thousand GOP votes on the stimulus, $3 Trillion-plus in budget deficits, ObamaCare, etc.; only two Republicans voted yes, on the stimulus. All of the rest of the Party of Lincoln’s votes have been, not just no, but Hell No!

Most of those no votes were cast by conservatives that didn’t have to drink tea under an out and out socialist regime to become politically active. They saw the light during previous conservative movements from Buckley to Goldwater to Reagan.

Yours truly finally saw the light in 2000, determining that I had been a coward before moving to Atlanta, as to have switched parties in my SC hometown would have been too traumatic to admit the “silver spoons” had been right all along. It is great to be rid of that class envy!

The relief I felt in 2000 to join a Republican Party engaged in robust debate

But one thing I noticed as soon as I admitted I was a conservative and joined the GOP was that I could say what I believed without fear of the name-calling so present in the Democratic Party.

Yet, now I see that some of the elected Republicans that I most admire for their fearless conservatism and that inspired me to join, have been labeled “gutless” for daring to disagree with a self-identified “tea partier” running against Harry Reid.

One comment from our side even suggested that Senator John Thune (R-SD), “apparently prefers” Reid to his republican opponent.

We can do better than that folks.

It seems that the GOP nominee to unseat the Democrat Majority Leader,Sharron Angle favors abolishing the Departments of Education and Energy and has expressed a desire in the past that Social Security be “privatized.” From what I understand the Nevada nominee has clarified the latter position to say that she favors a real lock box for FICA payments.

As far as I know, no elected Republican referred to in the MSM article cited by the Redstate gut-checker, sought out reporters to take Angle on. No, they were simply asked if they agree with Angle’s positions on the issues. Most said no.

What I can’t figure out is whether some think those with “guts” would have refused to answer the questions or if they should have lied. What is the “gut” response?

Would it really show guts to refuse to answer the question? Is it courageous to pretend the GOP can’t handle internal debate?

I think not.

From what I can tell, Angle has no gut problem with those that disagree with her. And surely one can be a gut-owning conservative and not favor eliminating the Education and Energy departments.

I can’t tell you how many times I have argued successfully against those on the Left that seek to divert attention from the fissures in the Dem Party by trying to revise history and lie about the present by saying that Reagan wouldn’t be welcome in the 21st Century GOP due to how far right we have moved.

We all know that is a crock, so let’s act like it. There is nothing “far” right about Angle and nothing gutless about those that disagree with her.

I welcome the Tea partiers.

To me, they are mostly formerly apolitical people that got re-educated in failed liberal policies under ObamaDem super-majority rule. They are akin to those that rose up over Proposition 13 in the late 70s. Tea partyism is a transitional phase from conservative to conservative Republican.

I say welcome. But I also say that Alabama’s gut-filled Senator Jeff Sessions, et al remain welcome in my Grand Ole Party. More no votes are needed before the Dem Deluge coming this Fall and January arrival of tea gulpers.

And one of the main reasons we will have a GOP landslide is that so many elected Republicans had the guts to reject the temptations to “pass a bill” and water down the message.

Thank God for those Republican guts before tea parties!

Mike “gamecock ” DeVine’s Charlotte Observer and Examiner.com columns

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson