Scott Brown Econ 101 teach-in for Mass ObamaDemLibs

Liberals mugged by ObamaDem reality. Now the healing can begin.

Addiction to oil is really addiction to a modern, comfortable lifestyle. Most of us are also addicted to water, food and shelter. Including people in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, most liberals think  the good life is a given, not realizing the role that American circa 1776-style private property rights and Coolidge, JFK (Massachusetts native pictured advocating tax rate cuts for the rich), Reagan, and yes, Dubya-style tax and regulation incentives can play in job creation.

Enter into this milieu of the vestiges of wealth-creating free market capitalism; electrified homes; oil-fueled movements from points “a” to points “b” (i.e. transportation) with suburb-filled Interstates; and the inflammable Ford Pinto and Chevy Vega, er ah…I mean only the third newsworthy oil spill in history, a sincere Senator intent upon teaching basic economics to a constituency populated by liberals already getting re-educated on how not to run a  country by Obama.

Opposing executive overreach

In a piece titled “Protect jobs and the environment” in the Cape Cod Times, the Republican conqueror of the previously enshrined “Kennedy seat” in the U.S. Senate, Scott Brown (pictured) justifies his vote for the Murkowski resolution to oppose costly new EPA regulations taxing carbon emitted by Big Business, as a pollutant:

While many of my colleagues have argued that giving the EPA the ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions is the answer to our energy problems, I disagree. This action would give an unelected and unaccountable government agency the power to impose restrictive and damaging carbon dioxide regulations that will drive up energy prices and hurt job-creating small businesses in our country.

Groups trying to politicize this issue will say that this resolution is an attack on the Clean Air Act. But the EPA is looking to dramatically expand its powers into new areas. The bottom line is that we cannot have every restaurant owner or small farmer worried about the costs of complying with new carbon dioxide emissions restrictions.

Brown takes pains with his fragile Bay Staters’ Democratic party-politicized energy/environment cognitive dissonance as if they are fifth-graders who just gave their lunch money to a bully for the first time in exchange for getting to pass to go home without a bloody nose:

As I continue meeting with Massachusetts residents and small business owners, they all say the same thing: “We need to get this economy moving again.” For that to happen, America’s businesses need the confidence to invest in new opportunities. What Bay State businesses don’t need is the federal government arbitrarily passing down restrictions that would dramatically restrict their potential for growth by saddling them with higher costs.

Our national unemployment rate is hovering near double digits and Massachusetts energy prices keep going up. No matter how you feel about Cape Wind, there is no arguing that the cost of electricity generated by this particular project comes at a high premium.

Don’t you love a politician that explains his votes and actions with straight talk? The author of the “Kennedy seat” Brown-out reminds of New Jersey’s Christie-alization of what government union pensions are doing to state and federal (not to mention what non-government unions at GM and Chrysler did in the private sector) budgets, but I digress.

Brown understands what has been true since Three-Mile Island: Alchemy turning granite to gold was always a lie, as has been the ObamaDem lies on magic perpetual motion machines  generating electric power and especially on transporting us from a to b.

Oil is a bargain even if Energy Secretary Ken Salazar dreams of “assuring oil rig safety”. Does any one imagine that an Obama-Salazar-Dem regulation regime could have produced less than one land threatening deep water oil-rig accident in 100 years? One!

The people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts want to drive their SUVs to jobs

Now is not the time to further increase energy prices, add to administrative costs for businesses, and create massive new layers of government bureaucracy.

Furthermore, imposing this regulation of emissions is something that will affect every aspect of our economy and every American.

The man that almost killed ObamaCare understands how America became exceptional:

What is clear is that we need to tap the entrepreneurial spirit of America to address these significant issues. Massachusetts is home to some of the world’s top technology leaders, companies and institutions and we should explore tax cuts and other efforts that directly encourage them and leaders in other states to find new, cost effective solutions. We have great potential to transition to a nation focused on clean energy, and we must act, but we must do so in a way that maximizes potential job benefits.

This is not a political issue. It is our responsibility to find an approach that promotes economic growth and sustains environmental stewardship for future generations. What we must not do is open the door to unnecessary regulation that makes it harder for businesses to compete.

The re-education akin to the last one under Carter and the last super-majority Dem policies began when Obama, Pelosi and Reid took over in January 2009. The false, liberal Utopian Vision is shattered.

Now, “Professor” Brown sees a receptive audience. They are ready to see the Founders’ vision of the last best hope this side of after-death Utopia: American free-market capitalism. And I’m thinking they still want modern life even if Pintos occasionally blow up and oil rigs occasionally leak.

Mike “gamecock ” DeVine

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