Hoping for a moratorium on deep ObamaDem doo doo-well drilling

…at least until we discover the cause

Bailing out government unions and saving state government jobs while mucking up We the People’s efforts to bail ourselves out

The latest crisis ObamaDem-o-bats (pictured, economic blood-suckers) refuse to waste continues to blacken the Deep South.

But rather than focus on plugging BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil well, preventing the blackening of gulf shore beaches, and getting fishermen back to work in clean water; President Barack Obama is more interested in teaching BP a lesson.

We shouldn’t be surprised that the law professor that said Americans needed a bankrupt coal industry and a “lesson” from high energy prices teaching us that we just can’t eat what we want and drive those SUVs, has imposed an indefinite moratorium on deep-water oil drilling putting tens of thousands out of work.

What is surprising is that a good conservative Peach State Republican likeJack Kingston could fall for the “until we learn the cause” line that ObamaDems are using to not waste this crisis.

We may never learn the cause. So will we regress to horse-powered travel only, if we don’t discover the reason for the oil leak? Will unemployed oil drillers get to “not eat” with broke fishermen at bankrupt Gulf restaurants, and not eat anywhere else except on ObamaDem food stamps?

This is the first such spill here in history. Energy secretary Ken Salazar bemoaned two weeks ago the government’s inability to “assure oil rig drilling safety.”

Does anyone think that more government regulation would have  assured less than three newsworthy oil spill incidents in the last 50 years?

The ACORN Lawyer school of crisis management

So, rather than call in BP’s CEO and “work the problem” (like experienced and confident executives do), the ACORN lawyer/community organizer is more comfortable with agitating problems that will be decided via lawsuits for years to come, rather than solving current problems. Its hard to blame Bush for not making Panama City safe for surfing.

Thugocracy standing between job creators and the pitchforks

As the nation’s Chief Magistrate he can also charge his targets with crimes, but no worry, CEOs sing after hearing Miranda just as sweet as terrorists.

Remember that in early 2009, while death threats were being made against AIG-bonus earners, the President convened job creators to demand cuts in CEO pay. When Ken Lewis, then President and CEO of Bank of America(BAC), complained that the banks would lose many vital employees to foreign firms, the President threatened those gathered with sicking the pitchforks on them.

Many executives recently had mobs gather outside their personal residences much like when the SEIU union recently invaded DC neighborhoods to intimidate BAC execs.

Executive overreach

Maybe the most recent glaring executive overreach is Obama’s display of the Chicago Way not to bribe primary nuisances that refuse to clear the field for Obama’s chosen ones.

This Godfather is so incompetent that even his towel-clad consigliari-in-charge of getting in shower-taking faces, can’t decide whose asses to kick before meetings with “experts.”

But a more consequential example of non-Windy City executive excess has been his use of the EPA to impose high energy taxes after losing the fight in Congress.

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA):

Furthermore, imposing this regulation of emissions is something that will affect every aspect of our economy and every American. We cannot allow these decisions to be made by an unelected bureaucracy; this is an issue that deserves a full debate in Congress.

Yesterday, 53 ObamaDems prevented Congress from clarifying the Clean Water Act (CWA) to prevent the regulation of expelling the air we breathe.

Exhaling now a regulatable act

The door to regulating carbon as a “pollutant” was opened by a Justice Anthony Kennedy-led Supreme Court re-write of the statute to say what no drafter of the CWA imagined.

It is also another sad fact that too often timid Congressmen are more interest in not offending voters while they pretend to address problems by passing a bill, any bill, they can taut for re-election.

The tea partiers are teaching ObamaDems that they would have been better off rejecting non-stimulus bills, socialized medicine and $1.5T deficits and running for re-election as the party of NOBAMADEMS.

But instead, much like in the Dodd-bill that gives Presidents the power to force corporations out of business at their whim, democrats give their presidents carte blanche to push government power to the limit through faceless bureaucrats.

Ironically, the overreach on CWA is also accompanied by “under reach” in applying the statute only to carbon emitters above certain volumes of emission, even though the statute authorizes no such unequal treatment.

Obama as master of every detail of our lives also includes:

  • Exceeding statutory authority to regulate free speech over the internet;
  • Waging war on the coal industry in his main job as First Citizen of the World;
  • Forcing Ford to eschew better ideas for draconian mileage standards;
  • Trying to end secret-ballot union elections by re-writing labor laws sans Congress and the consent of the governed;
  • Imposing hospital visitation policy on the states via ObamaCare; and
  • Preventing senior citizens from praying before federally-subsidized meals.

Whew! And those usurpations were harder to see give that Edison’s bulb is now anathema, but I digress.

Nearly two years ago we saw a long recession coming. A year ago we saw ObamaDems begin shoveling more obstacles in the way of Americans trying to bail themselves out.

Today, Obama angers We the People by shoveling moratoriums against making a living on top of pending tax increase doo doo while he fakes anger at BP doesn’t shovel the goo out of the Gulf.

Two Americas are emerging: A pampered union-represented and government worker “overclass” and the rest of us. I can only conclude that ObamaDems don’t care about the poor, lower income families and the middle class, as well as “the rich”…unless they wear the union label, work for the government or contribute to their campaigns.

They don’t solve crises, they merely overreach while exploiting them to gain more government power and weaken the private economy.

The rest of We the People must reach over Obama by electing a tea partier-inspired GOP to congressional majorities this fall.


Mike “gamecock ” DeVine’s Minority Report and Charlotte Observer columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson