Roy cedes throne to Georgia teachers lobby, loses poultry support

This former South Carolina Democratic Party activist and official moved to Atlanta in 2001and was finally driven to the GOP by angry poverty pimps, race-baiters and union-shills like Cynthia McKinney, Joseph Lowry and Max Cleland.

My conservative epiphany launched DeVine Law Gamecock’s second career as a conservative voice columnist at The Minority Report and The Charlotte Observer. Objective evidence over my then 18 years of adult political, economic, social and legal life proved the failure of liberal Democrat policies.

But objective evidence also convinced me that a few Democrats in the Peach State were doing good jobs. Two are running for governor, one of which was governor and before recent events this conservative Republican’s first two choices for chief executive were Roy Barnes and Thurbert Baker.

But former Governor Roy’s recent pander to the “teachers” lobby turns my stomach.

I have written often of the tragedy that is academia, both in K-12 and public colleges and universities. In the latter, the well-paid and tenured (a decidedly anti-American meritocracy concept) bleeding “hearts” that bemoan high tuition that deprives lower income families access to higher education, never seem willing to bleed their own fat wallets. In the former, well-paid teachers are out-numbered by even better compensated and redundant “administrators” who impose political correctness rather than reading, writing and arithmetic.

The problem in Georgia and the USA’s education system is not a lack of money. rather, it is an abundance of tolerance for disruptive students, lack of father’s in the home and bloated budgets paying paper pushers.

Yet, the former governor Barnes, dubbed “King Roy” by the press seems to answer to higher royalty in the education lobby. Government unions destroy all that they touch, and for me, they have destroyed Roy.

I have admired the work and courage of Thurbert Baker as Attorney General and before and it will surely take much to stand up to the unions given the “D” next to his name and the fact that the party it represents is bought and paid for by the over-priced employees of We the People.

So now, we await Baker utterances and prepare to look at Karen Handel.

Am I wrong?