Barack grants Osama's Turkish wish, destabilizes Middle East (Steyn echo update]

*[Mark Steyn’s latest echoes much of Gamecock’s Turkey Rooster (not an oxymoron in this context) crowing but in the larger context of the end of “realist’s” beloved “stability”. – an excerpt and link at end of this column]

I speak of the Islamic fundamentalists that inspire al Qaeda-like terrorist jihad and not the former shell of itself hiding in Pakistan, in President George W. Bush-commanded US Armed Forces’ wake.

Why “they” hate us

The gravity of the decision of (soon to be former?, one hopes…) NATO ally Turkey to openly harbor and sponsor Hamas and other terrorists on a propaganda flotilla mocking the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza cannot be overstated.

The fundamental answer to the Liberals’ question of “why they hate us” lies at the heart of the confluence of events that have brought Turkey full bore  into the Palestinian issue. The problem has been that too many liberals, democrats, and media have not wanted to hear the truth about the particular “they” or the “why”, preferring instead a narrative that the terrorists are a result of generalized and legitimate complaints against our energy policies in the Arab world and support for Israel.

The leaders of al Qaeda, and especially their top two, i.e. Osama bin Ladenand Ayman al-Zawahiri, have made clear that they trace their Sunni Muslim complaints, especially as articulated by Sayyid Qutb in Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower, to Mustafa Ataturk’s (pictured courtesy of TMR) secularization of Turkey and end of the Caliphate after WWII and Qtub’s loathing of the West and recognition of the United States as the main obstacle to the achievement of the restoration of the Caliphate and winning the world for Allah.

Kahlid Sheik Mohammed (mastermind of 911), the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman and Ramzi Yousef all trace their inspirations to Qutb as well, and all well before even their 1993 collaboration in the first attack on the World Trade Towers in 1993, and not to the “Palestinian cause”.

Iraq War snub

It is true that Turkey did, at the last moment (probably inspired by the feckless United Nations and France), refuse to allow US Forces a third front in the initial invasion of Iraq which did hurt the cause.

But Turkey later had its mind concentrated by Bush staying the course and removing two Islamist, terrorist-harboring regimes and behaved itself like a good ally until 2010.

Turkey seems to have learned new lessons from President of the United States, Barack Obama’s apology tours and Obama’s treatment of Iran’s freedom fighters and his ostensible ally, Israel. Last week Obama was silent after Turkey and Brazil raised arms with Iran’s President in support of a nuclear Shiite Muslim state.

Obama weakness invited this aggression

Turkey has never been a champion of the Palestinians, even in words. Quite frankly, given the dearth of Muslim or Arab  ships trying to port in Gaza offering them a state on their vast territories, one wonders if any nation really “supports” them as “brothers”, but I digress.

For an ally like Turkey to openly and brazenly champion the obviously subversive flotilla to Gaza and deny Hamas is a terrorist organization shows its total lack of fear and respect for our Commander-in-Chief.

And given the response of the Obama Administration, it appears Turkey has rolled Obama.

Obama and al Qaeda’s reverse-democracy movement

In the wake of our removal of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, liberty-seekers in Iraq, Lebanon and Iran have been inspired. Pakistan’s elected government is fighting al Qaeda and the Taliban within their borders with vigor aided by Obama.

But it seems that Obama’s troop withdrawal deadlines in Iraq and Afghanistan; bungling intelligence in airline safety; apology tours; appeasement of Iran, North Korea and Russia; and shift against Israel have empowered the Islamists in Turkey, just as that ideology had been on the run in much of the Middle East and Asia generally.

It will be a shame if Liberty loses its momentum because of our naive, liberal boy one-term President. I pray for the innocent that are put in peril for their very lives by this man.

It adds insult to injury that a probably dead or at least cave-dwelling impotent, gets a victory of sorts that strikes right at the heart of their perverted reasons for hating us.

[Steyn update, excerpt and link]

Ten years ago, Turkey’s behavior would have been unthinkable. Ankara was Israel’s best friend in a region where every other neighbor wishes, to one degree or another, the Jewish state’s destruction. Even when Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP was elected to power eight years ago, the experts assured us there was no need to worry. I remember sitting in a plush bar late one night with a former Turkish foreign minister, who told me, in between passing round the cigars and chugging back the Scotch, that, yes, the new crowd weren’t quite so convivial in the wee small hours but, other than that, they knew where their interests lay. Like many Turkish movers and shakers of his generation, my drinking companion loved the Israelis. “They’re tough hombres,” he said admiringly. “You have to be in this part of the world.” If you had suggested to him that in six years’ time the Turkish prime minister would be telling the Israeli president to his face that “I know well how you kill children on beaches,” he would have dismissed it as a fantasy concoction for some alternative universe.

Yet it happened. Erdogan said those words to Shimon Peres at Davos last year and then flounced off stage. Day by day what was formerly the Zionist entity’s staunchest pal talks more and more like just another cookie-cutter death-to-the-Great-Satan stan-of-the-month.

As the think-tankers like to say: “Who lost Turkey?” …

Erdogan would not be palling up to Ahmadinejad and Boy Assad in Syria and even Sudan’s genocidal President Bashir, the Butcher of Darfur, if he were mindful of Turkey’s relationship with the United States.

Read it all here.

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