Coats-like gun skeletons in the closet, Dem-o-Bats walking the Earth

Dan Coats, borne arms and repealing ObamaDems

Questions from a conservative to self-identified gun rights advocates

This Reagan-Bork conservative since 2000 believes that our Creator-endowed unalienable rights includes the individual right to own and bear arms to defend ourselves, our families, our homes, our businesses and Liberty itself.

Judge Laurence Silberman’s majority opinion in D.C. vs. Heller articulating this right was persuasive in striking down the federal conclave’s ban on guns even in one’s home, and while I think the Second Amendment originally applied only to the federal government, I can understand why conservatives would advocate its direct application to the states given that almost all of the other guarantees in the Bill of Rights have been applied to the states.

At the time of the drafting and ratification of the U.S. Constitution, the right of the people to bear arms was protected in the laws of all of the original 13 colonies. Not so today in many states, including Chicago, Illinois, whose draconian gun controls are now being scrutinized by the U.S. Supreme Court to see if Heller applies equally to the states.

Skeletons in conservative closets

But my purpose here is not to flesh out the overall issue of gun control, but rather to focus on its relevance in today’s political atmosphere. I refer to gun rights advocates opposition to long-time Republican U.S. Representative Dan Coats’ return to politics in Indiana, after a decade-long absence, to run for U.S. Senate.

It seems that Coats voted for President Bill Clinton’s “assault weapons ban”, which expired when President George W. Bush refused to renew it. Perhaps the best gun rights columnist in America, David Codrea complains:

While I could never presume to recommend voting for his ObamaCare-supporting opponent Ellsworth, now would be as good a time as any to look at third party choices and vote your conscience, or else just sit on your hands for that race—particularly if you convey to the Republican establishment thatthey’re the ones who drove you away from them. Bottom line: No Votes for Coats (Hey, that’s not a bad bumper sticker…).

Let me state right up front that I have no sympathy for the gun control crowd’s positions on this issue, and find their justifications wanting of logic, for most gun control laws. And while I have never owned a lethal firearm, I am for the right to own a gun and cherish that right for myself.

But even if we stipulate that we have a right to bear arms protected by the federal constitution, don’t we all agree that the right is limited, lest individuals own fighter Jets, tanks or nuclear weapons?

And given that fact, does Dan Coats deserve the vitriol he has received from many gun rights advocates because of an argument over just how many bullets can be fired from a rifle every 60 seconds?

Dem-o-Bats blood-suckers out of the closet

There is a recession on. Have you heard about it?

ObamaDems are destroying this country. The only non-violent chance we have to save this country is to repeal ObamaCare and many other laws passed by Congress. To effect repeals we will need every Republican seat we can win.

Want to write majority reports in the future? Forgive 20th Century gun law skeletons.

Yet, a man with an otherwise sterling conservative record is vilified. Yes, his opponent in the primary was a tea partier that may well have been the better candidate. I may well have voted against Coats had I been attentive to all the issues and candidates and resided in Indiana on primary day. But what grabbed my attention was how Coats was being harmed by fellow conservatives in a way that might open the door for the Democrat to defeat him and thus make it more likely that ObamaDems fundamental socialistic changes to America become permanent.

Early in this Bork-inspired constitutional lawyer’s Examiner.com career three years ago, I wrote a column expressing my extreme respect for the gun rights examiners in their understanding of the constitution on most all issues, not just guns.

So this column is a sincere inquiry on the relative importance of how semi- must semi-automatics be (and what is the constitutional basis for same, e.g. a right to “bear” bazookas?), versus how vital it is that conservatives and the GOP stick together to remove ObamaDems from power.

Coats deserves our full support and the statute of limitations for lovers of liberty and the America we inherited, should have run on the assault weapons votes in the last Millennium.

Mike “gamecock ” DeVine

The Minority Report

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson