Elections show Era of Reagan not over

Libertarians are winning as Republicans as even some Democrats run to the right of Rush

This is what we wanted all along

We were told after Al Gore’s divide America starting in his Florida 2000 campaign to the U.S. Supreme Court; all through the Bush recovery after the Tech bubble and 911 and into the Bush Lied (about WMD in Iraq – Bush didn’t lie) Era; and all through the winning of two wars and keeping America safe for seven years, that the Reagan Era was over.

What we needed to do to make the GOP the majority party in a center right, majority conservative nation, was move to the center with Rx drug bills, let Teddy Kennedy help us leave no child behind, grant amnesty to illegals, and nominate a Maverick Moderate McCain for President.

Yet, 17 months into the predictably more socialist ObamaDem America resulting therefrom, we find even Democrats in the Keystone State running on a Reaganite platform. Libertarians and Tea Partiers are running on a Reaganite platform in Republican primaries, and not as Third Partiers.

It seems the Davids, Brooks and Frum, were wrong, and Rush Limbaugh was right, after all. Conservatism works almost every time its tried, and especially after Americans get re-educated on economics and foreign policy by living under the policies of Democrats and their liberal policies that have failed us since the late 60s.

In response to the moderate whiners about “right wing Christians”, right wing Christians went to the polls in strong numbers in 2004, 2006 and 2008, despite disappointments, while the moderates and libertarians stayed home or voted Obama with their tails between their legs because Bush wouldn’t stop staying the course in Iraq or compromise more with Democrats.

The Rush is Right because Reagan was right Caucus described the winning formula as conservative-moderate handshakes with the conservatives leading the way after the handshake.

The winning began when GOP candidates began to run like Reagan for a strong defense, tax cuts, and smaller government without repudiating the pro-life platform in NJ, VA, MA, and KY.

Libertarians like Rand Paul coming to the GOP. Scott Brown winning like Reagan in Massachusetts.

Maybe the libertarians would like to read the “right wing” Christian call for civil disobediance in the Manhattan Declaration and find more common ground.

Revulsion for ObamaDem policies is uniting the conservative movement as never before.

Seventy percent of Americans support Arizona in securing the border. Massachusetts and NY want no part of an “OJ trial” for 911 terrorists in NYC. The late John Murtha’s Democrat successor favors repealing ObamaCare, and the blue grass of Kentucky has cleaned up Ron Paul’s message to produce a Rand that tells McConnell we have come to take our government back.

This tea tastes good and will only get better the sweeter it gets in Obama’s Hawaii district next week; and Obama’s home state of Illinois, Biden’s Delaware and Harry Reid’s Nevada this November.

The formula is for Reagan conservatives to lead and moderates to follow.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte ObserverAtlanta Journal-Constitution and Examiner.com columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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