Conservative Peach State stars, Glaus House Gang, and Lebron

Braves-Gamecock Sine Die view from Stone Mountain of Georgia

Speaker David Ralston the star of Georgia’s annual Forty Days and Forty Nights

Sine Die is the Latin term for the end of a legislative session that the Peach State employs to signal its constitutionally-mandated end of not one minute more than 40 days of lawmaking.

The conservative, yet easily subverted, time limit didn’t die with sine, but the new Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives did kill the corrupt poison that previously occupied his chair and emerges as a coalition builder, problem solver, competent leader of character this state sorely needed.

Speaker Ralston (R-Blue Ridge), we applaud you for balancing the budget without major tax increases, despite a huge ObamaDem great recession-caused revenue shortfall of over 20%; the passage as an amendment of one of only two Democrat-sponsored bills, the Karla Drenner (Avondale Estates) unnatural tanning regulation bill (HB 853); killing a silly race-based abortion criminalization bill; and, especially for restoring honor and integrity to the Speakership.

DeVine Law acknowledges that the “sick tax” aka hospital bed fees may have been necessary to fill an unfunded, federally-mandated Medicaid gap, but we were not happy with the lack of public college and university cuts. But we mainly blame Governor Sonny Perdue for caving to the “bleeding-hearts (but not our wallets) for low income would be students” education lobby, especially given the tuition hikes announced today.

Everyone has to suffer except government employees. The only jobs “saved” by ObamaDems stimulus were unnecessary state government jobs that We-the-ravaged by the recession-People still have to pay for.

We are happy that Grady Memorial Hospital made its first profit in many years.

Kasim Reed emerging as strong conservative Mayor of Atlanta

This conservative Republican endorsed former Democratic Party state legislator Kasim Reed for Mayor last year.

Not only are we are not disappointed, in fact, we are pleasantly surprised to see the union-backed former candidate stand up to city employee unions in demanding reductions in tax-payer funded benefits; demanding pension reform; laying off unnecessary airport workers; putting his own pre-budget deficit crisis plans for more cops on hold; and demanding that the city reduce the size of government by saying:

“We’re doing too many things in Atlanta,” Reed said in an interview. “We’re going to run our government in a radically different fashion.”

GA-9 and Jimmy’s Grandson

If we have to have a liberal Democrat representing people in Decatur in the state senate (and we do, given the handful of Republicans residing there), they could do much worse than Jason Carter, the former President’s son. Congrats on his special election day win.

But this rooster really crows for Tea-Partier-backed Republican Tom Graves in making the run-off to fill the Northwestern Georgia congressional district formerly held by Nathan Deal who resigned to seek the GOP nomination for Governor. Graves, the sponsor of the only JOBS Bill to pass before sine die, faces state senator and fellow Republican Lee Hawkins in the June 8 runoff.

Perfect Gamecock, Glaus-House gang’s Braves vision and Lebron

It is exceedingly rare for a starting pitcher to retire 27 batters in a row. It has happened only 22 times since 1880, and in only 19 of those did the starting pitcher pitch the complete game and win.

A former South Carolina Gamecock caught the latest last Sunday when Dallas Braden and the Oakland A’s beat the Tampa Bay Rays 4-0.

John Montgomery Ward pitched the first perfect game on June 17, 1880 before establishing department stores across the Fruited Plain.

Unofficial perfect games:

Harvey Haddix pitched 12 perfect innings for the Pittsburg Pirates, only to lose 0-1 to the Milwaukee Braves in 1959.

Ernie Shore pitched a perfect relief game in 1917 after Boston Red Sox starter Babe Ruth was ejected from the game after arguing with the home plate umpire over a walk to the lead-off hitter for Washington. Shore retired 26 batters in a row after his first pitch resulted throwing out the runner trying to steal second base.

The Troy Glaus-House Gang

Yes, Jason Heyward is still the phenom. Every at bat of the J-Hey Kid is a happening, but does everyone remember the boo birds a few weeks ago directed at Atlanta’s first baseman? Now Glaus is 12th in the NL in RBIs.

An all-star every full year he has been in the big leagues, Brian McCann has struggled with vision problems before and after two Lasix surgeries. His struggles have brought home to me just how important is eyesight acuity to success in the National Past-time.


Finally, a question: Was Lebron James’ woeful performance in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Game 5 loss to the Boston Celtics in last night’s conference semi-final NBA play-off game due to:

  1. Dialing it in to make statement to management about threats to move to the New York Knicks unless they bring in Orlando Magic-like co-stars;
  2. Continuing elbow pain;
  3. Celtic defense so tight he was prevented from driving the basket; or
  4. Did he just CHOKE?

P.S. The Next Episode

Mike DeVine Law Gamecock is overwhelmed with issues  that can be seen from DeKalb County’s Mound-o-Lith but with only so much time to crow, and so asks his readers to comment on which of the below subjects they would like to hear crowings upon:

  • Elena Kagan SCOTUS nomination emphasizing White Harvard, un-Free Speech and ROTC
  • A Christian perspective on why we suffer and have physical bodies
  • Dodd Financial Regulation Bill and why an independent FED must still be audited by representatives of We the People
  • The problems with VAT and FAIR taxes, even if the 16th Amendment’s income tax was repealed
  • Two Americas under ObamaDems (or is it four): Union America vs. Non-Union America and Government Employee America vs. The Rest of Us
  • The Greece-ian formula for a permanent recession in America
  • ObamaDem policies brewing Tea Partiers that unite libertarians, social conservatives as part of a coming 60%-participation handshake of Jeffersonians, Hamiltonians, and most other -onians that ousts ObamaDems from power come Election Day 2010
  • King Barack  Obama as a stranger in our midst and his Camel-Not reign over Haiti (Nashville, not so much)

P.S.S.  No matter what, Braves-Gamecock will be pulling against Los Suns.

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