Horse dung, Texas tea spills or Obama's less

Like the modern world?

Oil made it.

Before the Iron Horse, there was the horse, the wheel and pedestrians. For over 5000 years, the fastest man on earth got from point A to point B equinally. Then came the Choo Choo, which first spit steam before the greener fuel arose from the Quaker State one year before Fort Sumter.

Edison’s bulb beat the Model T to New York City, but it was the environment-saving automobile that made it the Big Apple soon after such big cities held a global horse dung pollution summit. Ever wonder why those NYC “brownstones” are known for that hue and have such a long staircase from the street to the first floor? Yes, horse dung was piled six feet high on the sides of the road and flowed in rivers during heavy rains.

New York City’s dried up Brown River

Thank God, Ford had a better idea and the Brown river no longer flows between the East and the Hudson.

Seriously, thank God for Ford Motor Company, now! Jesus never traveled more than 35 miles from his home. Remember the $4/gallon Summer of 2008?

Fact: The modern world we all take as a given, was made possible by oil and electricity. Oil, coal and nuclear power fuel the happiness.

Jed Clampett was a tea partier

Ok, so let’s compare the benefits of the Modern World, with the downside of only the third newsworthy oil spill in over 40 years.

Who is willing to give up their car so that Florida tourist industry workers never lose income because of oil rig leaks? Oh, but wait a minute, wasn’t Florida just a swamp before the automobile made a tourist industry possible. I think so.

Only three in 40+ years

Am I the only one that is truly astounded that the 1960s Santa Barabara, 80s Valdez and this 21st century Obamatrina are the only big news spills in such a long period of time? Think of all the oil rigs and tankers operating every day for all those years.

Yet, all the pundits say that this Gulf of Mexico, British Petroleum oil rig incident will “set back” the cause of expanded oil drilling?

Can’t imagine that it could be set back the cause much more than the 1978 Democratic Party imposed ban that was recently extended by Democrat President Barack Obama. That is, unless, the American People (aka Tea Partiers) are as stupid as the Beltway media and talking heads imagine.

The global warming indulgence was fatally wounded in 2008 when gasoline prices rose so high that middle class families ate store brand peas rather than Le Suer, and couldn’t afford to make the weekly 45 mile drive to Grandma’s on Sunday. The scientists’ cover-up the hoax emails were the nails in the coffin.

I pray tea drinkers that Christylized the Garden State, remembered the “Old” Dominion, and Browned out the “Kennedy” seat in Massachusetts won’t choke on the Texas tea the modern world can’t do without.

Not that it really matters though, given Obama’s presumed divine rights.

There will always be enough oil for Obama, Al Gore and Rosanne Barr.

We can do with less?

When it comes to his job, especially the one requiring him to protect the nation, the boy is obviously slow. But when it comes to “do as I say, not as I do” lectures, Obama’s lightning fast.

Yes, every nation on Earth has “done” with less. But oh how much better they “did” because the USA did with what it did.

Obama bemoans Americans not named Obama daring to drive their SUVS and eating, all they want. He wants to bankrupt the coal industry while we all “learn a lesson” from high prices.

And now he has a “crisis” he must not waste? A “crisis” that didn’t avert the Obama eyes for a week, thus delaying military actions that could prevent coastal damage?

Go for it.

ObamaDems will try to use this spill to advance their “less” agenda. Less oil use means less freedom for us. I loved those luxuriously long 45 mile trips, but I digress. We the People are more easily controlled in a more stationary position.

Less is Obama’s goal, on all fronts, except for government’s and his.

FTR: I can’t imagine how many spills would justify chunking the modern world, but I doubt I could count that high before requiring water and sleep.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte ObserverAtlanta Journal-Constitution and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson