Obama as King George III or There will be blood [updated]

It took the pledging of lives, fortunes and sacred honor to initially secure our nation’s borders against King George III, and it appears that Arizonans may have to make similar sacrifices to secure theirs against Barack Hussein Obama, the Forty-Fourth President of the United States and Mexico.

Maintaining self government, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is about to get much harder

One week, Presidents Obama and Clinton tell us that law-abiding Tea Partiers protesting against ObamaCare could incite violence against government akin to the Oklahoma City bombing.

The next week, the Administration of the Chief Executive of the Federal Government and Der Schleikmeister accuse Arizonans and their State Chief Executive of Nazi-like “show me your papers” oppression and racism for enforcing illegal immigration laws nearly identical to the federal laws Obama swore to uphold, by means akin to how vagrancy and loitering laws have been carried out with the overwhelming support of Americans in thousands of towns and cities for all of our history.

In between those weeks the President of all Americans urged only those Americans with brown skin and/or an excess of estrogen to vote on Election Day 2010.

ObamaDems have obvious contempt  with those that would stand in the way of ObamaDemUnion voter lines from Guadalajara to Flagstaff, only this time with the veiled threat of a race war.

The same it seems ObamaDems not only have contempt for the consent of the governed, but even after imposing their ObamaCare will despite losing Town Halls, Tea Parties and the “Kennedy seat”, they will not be satisfied until they personally destroy their opposition with slanderous lies.

The chasm between Obama and the American people is not limited to those in the Grand Canyon State.

Obama’s War against America: The Western Front

Upon seeing the vicious overreaction of ObamaDems, the media and the racial-grievance industry, to the signing of the Arizona law by its Republican Governor, Jan Brewer, my first thought was of the many small towns in North Carolina that were overrun with too many illegals, too fast. It made me realize for the first time, the magnitude of what they have had to deal with in the Copper State.

My second thought was, what took you so long! My, we are a compassionate people. Or is it weakness that we slouch towards Gomorrah so long before looking up?

At that moment I finally understood what Arizona had been suffering under for more than a decade and my heart went out to them. The President’s daily attacks against the good people of Arizona is vulgar, ugly and truly dangerous.

If we are going to save America, it will take bold moves like AZ’s. It won’t happen merely thru debate and votes. Oh that it were so. No, it will take risks.

Do not accept the false premise that most whites are racists that want massive round ups and deportations of illegals

Obama plays upon the liberal Democrat and media inspired false premises of majorities of racist whites that desire massive round-ups of illegals and mass deportations. The same “racists” that gave Barack Hussein Obama the nukes and The Oprah the ratings? The same bigots that loved Lucy’s Arnez?

Daniel Day Lewis in his Oscar-winning role as Oil Man Plainview in 2006’s motion picture, There Will be Blood, famously said:

I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed. I hate most people…I don’t like to explain myself.

Well, Obama’s got some ‘splainin to do and probably ought get his eyes checks and he’ll see that the majority of police interrogations in the border states are conducted by brown cops talking to other brown people!

Obama vs. The good people and good name of the people of Arizona

We won the amnesty debate a few years ago thanks to Talk Radio grass roots refutations of Dubya, McCain and Lindsey Graham, the latter of which told La Raza that Americans opposed to the bill were racists. The left always spoke of Republican candidates for President wanting to round up millions on buses bound for Mexico City, but couldn’t even point to statement by Tom Tancredo endorsing such a policy.

We have to combat this meme, because I fear that Obama’s attack on the good name of the people of Arizona may have already inspired a trumped up crisis in Arizona that could get ugly, at the left’s instigation, and we will need to stay unified to stay strong against a reckless media in a highly charged atmosphere.


Which is why I hope Marco Rubio uses the obvious “out” he has to retract his premature, cowardly, knee-jerk, politically correct “police state fears” statements since he admitted in the written statement that it was based only on “news reports” and not the actual provisions of the Arizona  law.

[Rubio did not use the “out” this morning on Fox News Sunday – see also note the addition of links in above paragraph to his written and oral statements referred to from last week]

“Show me your papers” under just laws

There has been much and mostly false reporting on the actual provisions of the law, very often from the lips of the Attorney General of the United States and the Constitutional Scholar-in-Chief. These are the same whiz kids that had Obama embarrass himself at the State of the Union with suggesting that a cornered Supreme Court had overturned 100-year old race-based ban on corporate contributions to campaigns.

The law (text) expressly prohibits legal status inquiries based solely on race or national origin, and specifically does not authorize random stops for questioning by allowing legal status inquiries only if the officer is already in lawful contact with the suspect.

One is not required to have documents to prove citizenship but having a drivers license is prima facie proof of citizenship. The law signed by Governor Brewer mirrors federal legislation and incorporates most of the major liberal Supreme Court precedents on “stop and frisk” jurisprudence since the very liberal Terry v. Ohio (1968) case allowed police to question a passerby if he had “articulable suspicion” that the suspect had committed a crime

People can be stopped now and have been so stopped for 40+ years, under Terry, whose standard is more lenient than the Arizona law.

It turns out that the iconic Nazi/Communist road block demands for papers analogy is misleading. Byron York points out how often we all are required to show our “papers”:

Many of the situations in which we are asked to produce ID are the result of laws passed by our representatives, Democrats and Republicans, that are, overall, good things. But they require Americans to produce their papers, in the form of a driver’s license, quite frequently. If Americans responded with “Go to hell” and “See you in court” each time they were asked to produce their license, both hell and court would be very crowded.

P.S. — All the discussion above relates to people who are American citizens. In addition to the situations requiring a driver’s license, some people might not know that since the 1940s, federal law has required non-citizens who are in the United States permanently to carry on their person, at all times, the official documents proving that they are here legally — green card, work visa, etc. That has been the law for 70 years, and the new Arizona law does not change it.

The substance of Nazi/Communist laws were unjust in substance, not because of the use of identification papers. Our laws are just. It is just that those that honor are laws are respected by the enforcement of the laws they obey against lawbreakers.
Respect for the rule of law made America a Shining City on a Hill, not the surrender of our borders at the whim of the rule of a man. A man who stopped building the fence before the stimulus was passed.
There was blood in the initial securing of our borders and the rule of law by the consent of the governed over the rule of a sovereign King in 1775; the re-birth of freedom in 1865; and the defeat of tyranny in 1945. What makes us think that we can save an America, in many ways less free today than before the Revolution, merely through political action?

Reagan and Newt Revolutions weren’t

Yes, by all means we must work towards electoral super majorities that can repeal ObamaCare and much of the entitlement edifice, but given those weakened by addiction to government as mommy and daddy, why should we imagine that reasoned free speech and elections alone will deliver us?

No, it will require great sacrifice up to and quite possibly including the shedding of blood because the Left indicates it will not go quietly when we see it create a crisis by re-visiting the amnesty that We the People soundly rejected less than three years ago by insisting that the border be secured before any change in the law.

We saw the reason behind the ObamaDem Left’s obsession with allowing illegals to free run of the country when Candidate Hillary opposed changing New York’s Motor Voter law allowed illegals to get drivers licenses and automatically registered new drivers to vote without requiring proof of citizenship.

Meanwhile legal immigrants must carry green cards at all times and citizens are required to produce theirs scores of times a day to pursue happiness. It seems checking papers is only a Nazi-like crime if visited upon a paperless interloper.

The Vampire exposed to the Noon Day Sun

The Dem-o-Bats’ ObamaCare law will suck the blood from life, liberty and pursuits of health happiness, literally, thru funding abortions; financial mandates; and limiting health care choices by driving doctors and insurance companies out of business.

We the People know it and we know Obama knows we know it and that his oppressive majorities will end in November. All the more reason for Obama to seize every opportunity to gin up a crisis that can’t be wasted.

The modern, post-1963 and especially post-1972 Democratic Party is akin to the un-dead in there subversive victim-dependant, bigoted, race-based identity politics; and appeasement abroad policies.

I pray we will drive the stake through its heart that we only pinched in the 80s and 90s. The Gipper killed the Evil Empire and inflation for 25 years of heaven on Earth. Newt slowed the slouching  with Bill’s midnight basketball games but outrage died and government kept on growing.

Now, a man with contempt for America has less Nukes to protect us from enemies abroad, but yields leftist populist pitchforks at anyone not an author named Barack Obama that makes a profit; cops in Cambridge; and all folks in Arizona except for the brown ones?


This law is written with more protections against random stops than the law fashioned by federal statutes and Supreme Court precedent. In fact, if Obama-Holder-Sharpton wanted to go to states other than AZ and trump up an alleged random stop, they could do so today and could have done so any day since 1968.

I am all in on the mid- to long- term strategy of winning elections for the GOP to try and get the White House and super-majorities in Congress to repeal ObamaCare and drastically restructure the whole entitlement edifice. I also support efforts to win at the grassroots and in the election of conservatives as executive committeemen, etc.

I just don’t believe, given the power of liberals in the culture and politics and the widespread addiction of Americans to big government, that we can save this country without sacrifices up to and including the kinds of sacrifices made by those that wrested a We the People from a King and saved it from Nazis and Commies.

There will be blood, because the Left won’t go quietly into the night, if they ever do “go.”

We will not save the nation from quite possibly a worse tyranny today than existed in 1776, solely thru polite debate and votes.

No, the people will push back and the left will start a violent fight. This is how things happen. The people of Arizona  have had enough. That they passed this law concentrated my mind on what they have put up with for decades. I look at the little towns in NC that have been ruined and only hope that rising Phoenix can show us the way of courage.

Disabuse yourself of the notion that great things are accomplished without suffering. Ask Nathan Hale, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King.

Mike DeVine’s Atlanta ExaminerCharlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson