Good Friday's anecdote to ObamaDemCarelessness (updated)

ObamaDems, like terrorists and the serpent in the Garden of Eden, needed only to succeed once.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party succeeded in trading faux security for We the People’s Liberty to a near fatal degree well before the ObamaCare socialist tipping point and the election of the unrepentant son of a communist “Pop”. (Also still waiting for even Fox News to discover Acorn’s greatest lawyer, but I digress.)

Social Security and General Motors’ UAW pensions had a good run. Medicare, not so much. Americans stopped having enough babies decades ago and the bankrupting Baby Boomer retirements were imminent before Obama met Hillary.

Robert Bork wrote Slouching towards Gomorrah in 1996, right before Bill Bennett eulogized the Death of Outrage.

For seventy years We the People’s affluent society grew spoiled, never once putting fear in the hearts of their elected representatives lest they repeal any entitlement to the fruits of other peoples’ labor. The only repeal that has ever taken place is the ObamaDems’ repeal of work requirements for drawing welfare.

I will work to elect conservative Republicans that promise to repeal ObamaCare. I support attempts to challenge the constitutionality of ObamaCare in the courts. But in my heart and mind, I know that our only hope lies in the one that died for our souls on the first Good Friday.

My plan hopes the first blow is delivered by those bitter Mountaineer clingers to God in Monday’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game.

I pray the second blow would be Tiger Woods attending church with Brit Hume and accepting the Risen Christ as his savior.

I fear that before any GOP super-majority would repeal ObamaCare, We the People will effect a revolution outside of the halls of Congress. Don’t get me wrong here. A greater fear would be if We the People would not take the Jefferson Liberty-tree, crimson-tree irrigation route and simply continued to slouch our way onto the ash heap of history.

But when the day comes that Americans toss tea to protest taxation, despite representation, I just pray that our majorities are one-tenth as driven by faith in God and to Judeo-Christian principles as the patriots that founded this country.

He is Risen!

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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