Cockstradamus on lies, Dem lies and Stupak-istics

“Figures often beguile me,” wrote Mark Twain, “particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: ‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.'”

Twain, meet Cockstradamus

With his March Madness bracket decidedly intact (four teams still alive with only six of the Elite Eight remaining) even after President Barack Obama’s Bluegrass choice fell in a battle of bitter clingers, Cockstradamus weighs in on pre-2010 vernal equinox prognostications from Augusta, Georgia to blue-face lying Jack Asses in Washington, D.C.

We told you during Tiger’s post-prolific coital, winter hibernation in the woods, what happens every Spring. Braves Play Ball! and Eldrick makes The Masters.

We told you before the last autumnal equinox  concerning so-called pro-life Blue Dawg Dem-o-bats and Donkey-cons concerning ObamaCare (and for the last ten years concerning the coincidence of prevarications and the moving lips of leaders of the world’s oldest political party), that the abortion issue would end up being the tipping point excuse for closet-leftist Democrats to betray their constituents’ pursuit of health care happiness.

We feared, when the ObamaCare debate was engaged last summer, that many of the so-called fiscal conservative and/or pro-life Blue Dog Democrats would cave on their initial politically-correct, meant for public consumption, objections to the deficit projections of the health care bills and the allowance for tax dollars to fund abortions or insurance premiums on policies that cover abortions.

Given our discovery many years ago that many of their drawls (and that’s all) was the only “moderate” thing about most Democrats that pretend not to follow the far left leadership of their party. After all, only a handful of Democrats had voted against Obama’s government growthulus (non-stimulus) bill and currency-threatening budgets.

True to form, the tax collectors for the welfare state dropped objections to health care reform bills when they were written vague enough to get a CBO non-blessing that assumes as true what bills say in print.

Even more true to form, elected Democrats that choose to empower the Left by being Democrats in the first place to support an Obama that opposes mandating the Hippocratic Oath apply to babies that survive attempted abortions and escape the womb onto Planet Earth proper and to elect Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, pretend that Executive Orders can veto laws they pass!

Even more telling is that the Bart Stupak’s (D-CA) pretend that anyone in America is not getting an abortion because the federal government isn’t ponying up a few hundred dollars for the procedure. Making a show of the puny abortion issue in the health care bill while empowering Obama to have carte blanche in appointing more Justices to the Supreme Court that will continue the slaughter is the ultimate insult of these serial liars against the voters they view as a necessary nuisance in their quest to control every aspect of the lives that make it through the 9-month right to choose gauntlet they prefer, lest they not be able to make the BMW payments due to the high cost of pampers.

Never rely on Democrats to do the right thing

Never! At least not since Oswald’s bullet found its mark over 26 years ago, and denied America the wise leadership of the last Democrat to occupy the White House that fully understood the need for a strong defense and detterence; as well as the need for business-friendly economic policies.

Cockstradamus is hopeful that Americans raised a nation of grandparents that trusted Democrats as the default position, will finally end the analysis at the letter after the candidate’s name, rather than the braying of the donkeys bearing the “D”. In the end, the 34 Democrats that voted against ObamaCare are just as responsible for this disaster, because by giving their party the huge majorities, they empowered the far left.

The only Democrat that properly redeemed himself was Alabama’s Parker Griffith. He chose to change parties and join the GOP minority!

Vote GOP “R” and repeal it!

Its time that we bitterly cling God, guns and the Elephant for a century, while maintaining antipathy for others that betrayed the Hmong in Vietnam, black folks wishing to get off welfare, slaves in the USSR, and the big “L” in Liberty here at home.

March Madness

Obama’s San Francisco, secret mike confession of his bigoted stereotypes to explain why Democrat primary voters in Appalachia chose Hillary over him, gave way to cold calculations last week as Dumbo went out on a limb and crowned bitter clinging Wildcats to win the NCAA Basketball tournament.

That Kentucky cat fell off West Virginia’s mountain last night, as they clung to gunning the ball in the hope. Rocky Top clingers close to God in Tennessee also remain in the final Six.

But unless ObamaCare is thrown off, the only things us hillbillies will have to cling to is God, pictures of guns, antipathy to Obama equines, unemployment compensation, wealth-spreading, pitchforks sicked on profit-makers, food stamps, hope and the little change left in our pockets.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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