Road to serfdom slaughtered; Road to anarchy "deemed" paved by March madness

What our forefathers with so much difficulty secured, do not basely relinquish.” – William Bradford

America has been slouching towards Gomorrah down the road to serfdom since the 1930s, at the latest. But at least most of those miles were slogged with the consent of the governed in Congress, in accordance with the rule of law.

And yet, I wonder if Bork’s and Hayak’s pessimistic prognostications about our slow, voluntary relinquishment of liberty to an all-powerful socialist state could be side-tracked into anarchy by an over-reaching, pitchfork-wielding, Chicago Democrat mob in the White House and suicidal Dem-o-bats in the House willing to consider “deeming” a non-voted on socialization of health care bill, as somehow having been “passed”?

For decades I wondered why citizens should respect the opinions of five black-robed oligarchs as law, when they disrespect a Constitution ratified by super-majorities of We the People. Now I wonder why U.S. citizens shouldn’t “deem” King George-like mandates to buy BlueCross-Blue Shield akin to the tea thrown into Boston Harbor?

It has been hard enough to swallow an Obama-Democratic Party that cares nothing for the poor and middle class seeking jobs and reasonably-priced energy to get one to a job. Its been downright impossible to digest a government-growthulus bill that only stimulated the retention of paper-shuffling bureaucrats and union hacks. Don’t ask me about the hurl on the wall of the ObamaDems’ first two budget deficits of over $1.3 Trillion apiece, that make Bush’s budgets taste like Pepto-Bismol.

But now, after the shouts of “Not no, but Hell no!” from Tea parties, Town Halls, New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts, not only does the Democrat Majority Leader of the Senate consider changing the rules to “reconcile” the end of health care liberty with 50 votes instead of the usual 60, but the Speaker of the House openly considers a proposal from Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) to pass a “rule”  that would “deem” the Senate health care bill passed for delivery to the President to be signed into law, without a vote by the House.

At least the New Deal, Great Society, Fannie Mae, and Rx Drug Bills were enacted with the consent of the governed. Didn’t we throw off a King after a Shot Heard round the World in order to avoid laws “deemed passed” by divine, or non-divine right?

Admittedly, the rule of law had been under assault for decades by judicial fiat and, to a lesser extent, bureaucratic “interpretations” of vague laws passed by timid legislators. Rules of law were surely abused by Paulson’s blank checks and Obama’s threats to turn out the pitchforks on bank executives.

But if Congress just ignores the withdrawn consent of the governed and foists this assault on the right to pursue health happiness upon us, wouldn’t we have arrived at full blown serf status if we didn’t rise up and deem serfdom unacceptable? When Chief Justice Roberts and Juan Williams bemoan a Democrat President and Congress taunting a physically surrounded powerless court, aren’t we seeing the rise of a danger worth smacking down utterly?

The last time a President engaged in such behavior at a State of the Union address was when an over-reaching FDR tried to usurp the rule of law and “pack” the Court with judges that would uphold unconstitutional provisions of the New Deal. FDR suffered huge setbacks in the election just before WWII bailed him out.

Aren’t we conservatives for a reason? For years we have been told that Hitler was a right-winger, when, in fact, he led national socialism to power, just as Stalin did international socialism. Both led their flocks to tyranny. Tyrants dictate behavior to subjects. Democrats in the White House and Congress now seek to dictate from the left by overthrowing the rule of law.

On the right, the extreme absence of the rule of law is called anarchy, which I think the ObamaDems are inviting. I, for one, refuse to live as a slave.

At least from anarchy, a liberty-seeking revolution could spring from tea-drinkers. In fact, even a few elected Republicans are showing signs of a pulse that would reject the kind of Karl Rove-timidity that remained silent during the Bushlied Era.

I suspect that if the Democrats impose socialized medicine on the public thru any device, they will not only pay dearly at the ballot box, but will also unleash a backlash, the likes of which this nation has never seen, because this would be the first time (Although we got a glimpse of “experts” born to rule us in 1912, but I digress…) that elected officials in these United States had ever defied the most important lesson of our revolution:

Government by consent of the governed is the only true, legitimate government.

Postscript Note on Roads: Before we get to Gomorrah, serfdom or anarchy, all roads lead to Indianapolis, and Braves-Gamecock celebrates March Madness with a tribute to his academically-acclaimed undergraduate alma mater (Founded 1854) Wofford College (1500 students) of Spartanburg, S.C. and their Terriers’ Southern Conference championship and first ever trip to the Final Four.

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