Great train robbery's death rattle and moral outrage

In Michael Crichton’s 1975 novel, The Great Train Robbery, we discover the limits of mid-19th Century England’s health care system to accurately determine when a patient has expired when reminded of the widespread demand for coffins equipped with noise making devices near the hands of the interred.

Not infrequently, undertakers were found to be premature in their under takings when sounds emanated from their pine boxes before they reached six-feet under.

But most often, the noises heard were death rattles rather than resurrections, and I wonder if the loudest non-dulcet tones emanating from Blair House last week were delayed muscular contractions of an ObamaCare corpse, as well as a convulsion of moral outrage, a decade and a half after Bill Bennett pronounced its death when perjury was, “just all about sex.”

Before moral outrage died, LBJ lied about Vietnam and chose not to seek re-election. Richard Nixon lied about a burglary cover-up, resigned the presidency in shame and repented to David Frost. Moral outrage died when Bill Clinton was impeached for repeatedly lying under oath, stayed in office and has yet to feel the need to repent.

But didn’t Paul Ryan’s Health Care Summit description of Democrats’ health care plans expose serial lying by President Barack Obama that not only was not about sex, but which is about a Dem-o-Bat blood-sucking theft of liberty from the rights of the American people to pursue health happiness that makes Watergate look infinitesimally smaller than third-rate?

Admittedly LBJ retains the prize for the most grave prevarications.

My question is, have the stimulus and health care whoppers revived moral outrage among a majority of We the People so that even if an already November-doomed Democratic Party rams thru socialized medicine, the GOP could actually reverse the enactment of an entitlement for the first time in history?

I think so.

Moral outrage that affects the wallet is back and the Democrats are exposed like a vampire to a cross at High Noon.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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