Parties: Super Bowl, tea, third, and Grand Ole

Gamecock announces the dawn of only the sixth Super Bowl in which one of our favorite teams is participating, still a bit tired from our fourth week of immersion in contract law, but even more beleaguered from last evening’s defense of “right-wing Christians” accused of having taken over the federal government.

Proudly wearing our Colts horseshoe, we were surprised to find that one of our hawkish on defense and economic conservative friends thinks that a third-party Warren Buffet as President would be preferable to a return to power of the Republican Party, given its supposed obeisance to Falwell fundamentalism and since the ObamaDem dominance will have been worth it once they inevitably legalize cannabis sativa nationwide.

Don’t hold your toke waiting on that one, anymore than you should wonder who dat team that will prevent Saints from marching back to the Crescent City with the Lombardi trophy.

My good-natured conservative friend carries no flag for liberals or Democrats, and affirmed his belief in American’s historical exceptionalism, but didn’t seem to appreciate the coincidence of the influence of Judeo-Christian values in producing our greatness even while his libertarianism leanings blinded him to the real enemies of personal freedom in the World’s Oldest Party, i.e. the Democrats.

Contrary to Drive-by media myths of old concerning supposed Christian intent to “impose” their will on America, it is those of the modern day liberal persuasion that have actually done so via unconstitutional judicial fiat for decades; arguably, legally thru bureaucratic interpretation of vague laws passed by cowardly congresses; and today through super-majorities over-interpreting their 2008 election mandate to fundamentally transform the exceptional America.

No, my good libertarian friends, your natural allies to protect civil liberties are those same Christians some of you love to loathe, and not Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Even if they could make marijuana legal across the Fruited Plain (and there are certainly strong 10th Amendment arguments that they could not do so absent a constitutional amendment regarding the usurpation of state police powers), I missed the announcement of their intention so to do. Moreover, no true libertarian would find the trade off between legal pot, and the ObamaDem taking away of the means to earn enough money to buy a pot to put the pot in.

The underlying problem I see in this mentality is the failure of the GOP and conservatives to dispel another myth, i.e. that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the parties.

Fact: There are 10.3 and 10.56 trillion dime’s worth of difference between Bush’s worst budget deficit ($400 billion, and even that one was passed by a Democratic Congress with then Senator Obama voting aye) and the first two budget deficits of the ObamaDem super-majority.

This is a difference not merely in quantity, but in kind. The Obama spending threatens the currency and economic well-being immediately. In contrast, the Bush spending looks quaint by comparison. Why, we could slouch towards Gomorrah as a country for 100 more years at the Bush rate. Obama has us at the precipice.

Looking at the past 20, 40 and even 60 years, there simply is no comparison on civil liberties, national defense and economic prosperity between the policies of Democrats vs. Republicans. I am a conservative first, but to imagine that voting for a supposed conservative Democrat could possibly do any good while making Pelosi speaker, is just folly. Voting third party also merely empowers the left. See Bull Mooses paving the Wilson way and Perot ushering in Bubba.

Another good conservative friend with libertarian/third party leanings, albeit also a Christian not hostile to the Christian Church, asks why must conservatives “settle” for an impure GOP in arguing for Tea Parties to produce a third party to fix the system.

There is a very conservative reason why conservatives should eschew the Utopian dream of a pure conservative third party and always vote Republican: Since Eve bit the apple and man was banished from the garden, we have had to settle for a world east of Eden. This is fundamental, and together with the recent history of the Democratic Party, make it vital that Democrats be removed from power.

The Tea Party movement is essentially a visceral reaction and revulsion of Americans to big government that will translate into a huge victory for the GOP this November. The new myth of the media is to focus on the differences between individual tea drinkers and muse about how Democrats could co-opt some of them.


These Lipton lovers will kick out the bums in office now, and they are Democrats, and given that all 60 of which in the Senate voted for socialized medicine should dispel any myth that there are any moderates worthy of that squishy word in the party that has self-destructed since JFK was shot..

Looking back, wouldn’t we die for the Bush deficits compared to the disaster we find ourselves in now? Any rational person would. Should we make sure that next time we have power that we exercise it much better? Yes again and amen. But politically, we must stop feeding the lies that there is no difference between the parties and that a third party could be our salvation.

And Warren Buffet? Please Jesus, take time off from dominating the Party of Lincoln long enough to help me weather that nomination.

Buffett voted for Obama. Buffett is an expert at making Buffett rich no matter who is President. Buffett likes to be liked by the Manhattan-DC-Boston elites, and you don’t get invited to their parties if you get too close to Christians that really believe the Bible.

And as to those Bible-thumpers with whom I proudly associate myself, does anyone ever wonder from whence came the tolerance, love for liberty and compassion for fallen enemies but from an adaptation of turning the other cheek? Libertarians, you want the right to make a living in America? Keep more of your paycheck? Drive an SUV? Drill for oil?

Then vote GOP.

Want to make marijuana legal in Georgia? Use your free speech to persuade a majority to do so. It is Republicans that respect majorities. It is Democrats that employ judges to impose views on majorities.

Finally, an aside on the pro-life position of my good conservative Christian friend, who seems, at times, to go out of his way to make clear to assumed social liberals that his pro-life position doesn’t wish for a “national law” to impose his preference on all the states.

First, let me admit that I may be being too harsh in my criticism of this position and a bit hypocritical given that Fred Thompson did persuade me a few years ago that it is a better strategy to focus on replacing pro-Roe v Wade judges and pass state laws rather than seek a federal pro-life amendment.

That said, pro-lifers need not fear this issue politically, even as we naturally must now focus on the threat to our economy and the fight against terrorism. After all, we can fight against abortion in moral terms without changing the law; but if a President won’t defend our nation, we won’t be defended and if congress won’t let us pursue happiness and private property, we can’t fight that very well from the pulpit.

That said, either abortion is killing or its not. It is, and everyone knows it, and just as I favor every state having laws against homicides with malice aforethought for those un-tethered to an umbilical cord, I also pray for the day that America’s 50 states and the District of Columbia once again protect the umbilically tied.

And politically, pro-life is now the majority position overall and with the generations younger than the baby boomers, even larger.

The rooster for Indianapolis simply crows so that we not be fooled by the media into thinking there is any real political dissonance between libertarians and Christian conservatives. There is not.

And if any on our side seek purity, don’t seek it through a third party or any man-made institution promised to Eve to “be as Gods” with a bite of the apple. Seek purity through God.

Conservatives know Utopia is beyond this world. In other words my friends, at some level, we do have to settle.

And given the history of the Dem Party and third parties, the only place to settle is the Grand Ole Party.


2011 House of Representatives – GOP +11, Senate GOP +1

Colts 32, Saints 22

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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