Martin Luther King showed us the way to defeat defiant Democrats

In the aftermath of the Scott Browning-out of the Ted Kennedy legacy in Massachusetts, we suspect further ObamaDem health care overreach and defiance of We the People that can only be turned back by Martin Luther King Jr.-style non-violent civil disobedience en mass.

[Mike DeVine Law Gamecock returns from his longest absence during our three years as Law & Politics columnist for Examiner.com. During our absence, necessitated by our orientation in our new position with an Atlanta area law firm, we missed writing our Ninth annual column for Martin Luther King Day as Haiti was destroyed, but return in time to comment contemporaneously on the Biggest Reality Mugging in recent history in the Bay State.]

As we witness President Barack Obama’s exercise of American exceptionalism in Haiti, that he spent his first year in office denying or denouncing as having been “imposed by a world order”, we celebrate another manifestation of it in the Commonwealth of Massachsetts’ rejection of ObamaCare.

The only issues remaining concerning the threat to American Liberty from the separate ObamaCare bills that passed the House and Senate late last year is whether Democrats accept the message or continue to defy the wishes of the citizens they serve.

Drawl and that’s all: The Myth of the Moderate Democrat

Last year we received conclusive proof of the decades-old myth of the moderate Democrat when the votes of all 60 were needed to ram thru 2000 lumps of coal-like pages on Christmas Eve. So I had to agree with an astute conservative Republican political observer and lawyer in Gwinnett County who suspects that the Jack Asses will more resemble their mule cousins when it comes to stubbornness in altering behavior after sharp slaps on the head.

While we hear many elected Democratic Party voices suggesting that ObamaCare is dead, we are reminded of all the moderate braying of Democrat drawls since the 1960s that never translated into votes that defied their supposed more liberal bosses. We suspect that Speaker Pelosi will threaten enough so-called pro-life House Democrats with their own political abortions to get a majority to pass the more pro-abortion Senate bill on the way to a Rose garden signing ceremony.

Obama v McCain

During many pre-2008-election intra-party debates inspired by our uninspiring McCain side of the GOP ticket, I argued that the only way it would be better for the conservative movement and, most importantly, America itself, for Obama to win, would be if we could prevent the passage of permanent entitlements that would never be repealed.

I was always sure that the life under super-majority ObamaDem rule, would result in Americans’ re-education in the proven-failed liberal policies abroad and at home that we experienced in the late 70s. The 2009 results in Virginia and New Jersey and writ large in the just completed Plymouth Rock drop onto Harry Reid’s head, vindicate that Cockstradamus vision as well as the Rush Limbaugh Ronaldus Magnus maxim regarding the marketability of unabashed, unapologetic conservatism regardless of region, especially when the environment is saturated with disgust for leftist overreach.

But if the ObamaDems go on and defy We the People and impose the transformation of the health care industry as public utility on America, then it will not have been worth the lesson given the history of other such huge entitlement codifications and the fecklessness of the Grand Old Party when it holds the reins of power.

We suspect that the only way the ObamaCare socialist tipping point can be turned back is by following the example of the great man whose birth we celebrated last week.

MLK vs Democrats

When a young Montgomery, Alabama pastor from Atlanta directed bus boycotts, letters from jails and marches over bridges and on Washington, D.C., he was at all times seeking to repeal unjust laws passed by defiant Democrats. He had many more allies in that struggle in the GOP of his father, Martin Luther King, Sr. and Abraham “The Great Emancipator” Lincoln, which party was created to end slavery.

King, unlike the present occupant of the White House, believed deeply in American exceptionalism, despite existing segregation laws. He knew that most all Americans were infused with the same Judeo-Christian values he preached and that they could be appealed to within our system.

King’s dream that one day little black boys would hold hands with little white boys while hearing freedom ring from the Stone Mountain of Georgia came true. Our exceptionalism was proven long before the First Lady first discovered some of it in votes for her husband in 2007.

We could soon face a dire circumstance of a Liberty defying law directed at our very lives in the end of the protection of the unalienable right to pursue happiness via health care. We cannot claim taxation without representation as could King and those at the first Boston Tea Party. But that does not diminish the fact of the denial of liberty just as great.

Some astute political observers fear that there could be riots in the streets should the Democrats ram the ObamaCare bill into law in this environment. Violence must be opposed, but we should not settle merely for the prospects of future election results to pave the way for repeal.

Non-violent civil disobedience is the way

I have long advocated non-violent civil disobedience with respect to oil drilling given the 32-year moratorium on expanded drilling imposed by the Democrats. Then came the ban on Edison’s bulb. I also support the recently announced Manhattan Declaration to defy unconstitutional laws, court rulings and regulations that infringe upon speech and religious freedoms.

A massive defiance of a Health Care Bill signed by President Obama may well be the only way to ensure repeal and the restoration of the Liberty that our forefathers, including MLK, fought and died for.

America should be proud of the aid we are sending to Haiti, and especially some of the well-to-do orthopedic surgeons donating their valuable time to make sure those with simple broken bones in Port-au-Prince don’t get added to the earthquake death toll.

But doctors alone can’t repair an America broken by Big Goverment. A defiant Congress can only be tamed by a defiant people.

Economics 101

Many liberals simply don’t understand what creates the wealth that makes it possible for us to help the Haiti’s of the world. They take it for granted that the wealth created due to the economic liberty and private property rights the founders devised, will remain no matter what burdens they put on doctors or investors.

The health care bill would be the final blow to an economy already stifled by Fannie Mae-like intrusions into the market.

The moral heart of capitalism and conservative epiphanies

Lastly, let me address the false allegation of some on the left, that it would be “heartless” not to pass one of the two bills on the table or a compromise thereof, as I heard yesterday in person.

Americans have never been “heartless”, and the existing state of health care is nothing if not a huge heart with the requirement that no one be turned away from emergency rooms receiving federal aid.

The Republican Party has held all the power in D.C. several times since FDR and never have they sought to end nor substantially reduce the Reagan endorsed “safety net for the truly needy” in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or food stamps.

Once can argue that a heart-filled person should seek some repeals, but by the Democrats’ own standards, the GOP passes “heart” muster.

Doing “nothing”, then, would not be heartless, nor does a failure to pass ObamaCare prevent doing something in the future that improves the status quo.

I switched parties in large part due to my heart for people, especially the poor, and the results of the policies of Democrats vs the policies of the GOP, clearly vindicate my elephantine memory of a heartless Democratic Party when it came to victim-defendants trapped in welfare or millions suffering under the Soviet Union.

I heart We the People, hence, I am a Republican.

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