Trent Lott: Clean, light-skinned, articulate non-Negro dialect and carried Clinton's impeachment coffee

Would Lott be Harry Reid’s perfect Democratic Party presidential nominee?

Another in our ongoing “Democrats are vile” series in hopes that the American people will finally get it despite the cover given them by the Drive-By Media. The only hope is that Republican leaders stop being brain-dead nice to their dis-honorable Jack Ass Party colleagues with beltway moral equivalence and poor reading comprehension.

In other words, Elephant party members: Never forget!

First of all, Majority Leader Reid’s thanks to God that Barack Obama is not a dark-skinned Negro with a Southern accent is not only about Harry Reid. It is also about the party that chooses to make him their leader despite his slander of dark-skinned Clarence Thomas several years ago as being not intellectually up to the job of Supreme Court justice.

It is about a party that nominated a Vice-President Joe Biden that thanked God that Obama was “clean and articulate.”

And it is about a party that nominated a President that viewed his white grandmother as typical of her race in being a racist; sat in the pews of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Hate white America Church for 20 years; assumed a Cambridge police officer was racist without any evidence; and dropped election intimidation charges against New Black Panther thugs.

In the final analysis, after 40+ years of evidence, it is a Democratic Party obsessed with skin color as a weapon against conservatives that oppose race-based policies, and a party that uses race to create victim-dependent voters based on imagined bogeymen.

Trent Lott was a victim of the Democratic Party-Drive-By media fake racism allegation machine. His comments at a birthday party for the dying Strom Thurmond were not racist. The comment that America wouldn’t have had as many problems over the years had Thurmond been elected were not meant to suggest any endorsement of 50 year old segregationist policies. They were meant to make an old, dying man feel better. Trent Lott’s life since the 50’s, as testified to by black folks in Mississippi make that clear. What was disgraceful was the cowardly surrender of President George W. Bush and the GOP leadership to the Drive-By media PC police.

Harry Reid has no such cover given his documented slander of Thomas, but also as judged by the actual meaning of the words he used about Obama and the defense of Virginia’s Tim Kaine.

Kaine is all over Sunday Morning Shows with the line that Reid was “praising Obama.” Yes, he was. The praise was that Obama was a better candidate because he wasn’t too black and could turn a fake Southern aka Negro (black) dialect on and off.

Obama was praised for his “whiteness” and for being able to “act black” when necessary.

This reminds me of the praise then President Bill Clinton received from the media and many Democrats during impeachment, for being able to lie so well.

Joe Biden praised Bill Clinton as such and apparently has examined Obama’s personal hygiene closely and found him superior to Revs. Jackson and Sharpton.

Democrats are vile racist liars

See also James Carville on terror smut.

Add the above to Bill Clinton’s outing of closeted GOP gays and documented by George Stephanopoulos treatment of White House employees and it becomes clear that the former President’s comment to Ted Kennedy during the Hillary-Obama primary battle about coffee-carrying Obama, that the Democrats also have utter contempt not only for blacks, but also for working people.

This also reminds me of many liberals in the press and Democratic Party who several years ago characterized as racist some drawings of black folks that they assumed were caricatures of blacks with exaggerated lips and other features. It turned out that the drawings were accurate depictions of real black folks. I think their reactions to those drawings, much like their assumptions that conservatives are racist because we don’t support their race-based, white-guilt infused, big government power grabs, are actually projections of their own racism.

Based upon his picture above, we assume Atlanta’s mayor, Kasim Reed (pictured), would not be acceptable to Harry Reid.

After all, look at Bill Clinton’s cabinet and the average Drive-By media news room. The whiteness abounds.

But Trent Lott and those Republicans like him, while not being racist like Harry Reid and his Democratic Party, are also part of the problem in keeping the America people ignorant of the rot that is the Democratic Party.

Bill Clinton was impeached by the House but when the matter moved to the Senate, then GOP Majority Leader Lott kept the most damning evidence against Clinton under lock and seal, where it remains to this day. No, it wasn’t just about sex (see also perjury and obstruction of justice), but it could have been more about missile technology to China and campaign contributions.

But the beltway protected its own.

Trent Lott should not have been forced to resign.

But Harry Reid should. The problem is that the Pelosis and Obamas that would have to force him out are just as vile as he is.

Finally, remember when Revs. Jackson and Sharpton and some in the black liberal media suggested early in the campaign that Obama might not be “black enough”?

I do, and was reminded of this recently when the AJC’s Cynthia Tucker defended Alabama Congressman and candidate for Governor, Artur Davis. Davis was the only member of the Black Caucus to vote against ObamaCare and was attacked by old line black civil rights leaders as not “authentically black” due to that vote.

Tucker rightly defended Davis’s blackness and diversity of thought in the black community in a recent column. But she ruined the message when she characterized white conservatives as racist due to disagreements on policy positions.

Dems are so vile that even when they get something right, they get it wrong.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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