If we had time to read ObamaCare bill we wouldn't need C-Span

Give us time to read ObamaCare bill and advise our Congressional employees and we won’t need to see Obama-promised debate on C-Span.

In 1993-4, I defended Hillary’s behind closed doors meetings to draft President Bill Clinton’s health care bill and also defended Vice President Dick Cheney’s similar meetings in 2001 with regard to energy policy.

Why? Because the best and most honest advice is often given only when one is free to speak without immediate ridicule, and, most importantly, everything Congress does has to be written down and voted upon.

HillaryCare was never brought to a vote after its details were made public. Democrats filibustered Bush Administration-proposed expanded oil drilling. We also recall the loud public advice given to Bush-McCain’s illegal alien amnesty bill.

But under Obama-Reid-Pelosi filibuster-proof super-majority rule, final 2000-page amendments to bills are rushed to the floor for votes within 24 hours or less, and so the public is denied the opportunity to supervise our elected employees.

Desperate for a vehicle to stop the deaf-to-the-will-of-We-the-People ObamaDems’ insistence on a bribe-produced bill to socialize American medicine, conservatives and independents have seized upon then candidate Obama’s eight or more promises to take over the private company C-Span and force them to televise health care negotiations.

Obama also promised not to sign bills before they had first been posted on the Internet for at least 72 hours. That promise was broken with the first bill signed by the president, i.e. the non-stimulus government growthulus bill and every bill since.

Obama lies. You can tell when he is lying when you see the TelePrompter speaking.

There is nothing wrong with confidential negotiations per se. In fact, they are necessary for Presidents to receive frank and honest advice and for legislators to fashion compromises.

But when you have a deceitful Democratic Party and Messiah for a president, all of whom deem the constitution and voters to be a nuisance, then you can’t trust them to give you time to read bills that will radically change your pursuits of happiness.

How is that Hope and Change working for you Obama voters now?

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