Terror recruiting tools from bin Laden to Bush to Barack

Abu Ghraib is a distant memory, waterboarding is limited to U.S. armed forces training exercises and Guantanamo Bay detainees held without charge are being sent to the Big Apple for show trials. Yet, al Qaida was still able to find and utilize a “tool” in the Age of Obama to recruit a silver spoon Nigerian to blow up a plane bound for Detroit.

Could it be that the Cowboy recruited jihadis to die by the tens of thousands in Iraq while Obamassiah apology tours actually book more suicide bombing tours to the Fruited Plain?

It now seems clear to this observer that the Bush war on terror killed more terrorists than it created what with Iraq’s murder rate below that of Chicago and Iranians in the streets demanding the rights enjoyed next door from the ruling Mullahs rather than chanting death to the Great American Satan.

Could it be that the Arab and Persian streets, over time, saw the stark difference between U.S. enabled Liberty and the Saddams, Talibans and bin Ladens of the world and chose Liberty? It seems so in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well, where the citizens have repeatedly been ahead of the curve in wanting al Qaida out of their neighborhoods.

Would that the Western Left, including the Democratic Party could see as clearly.

It never was the Left’s Great Satan George W. Bush that recruited Osama bin Laden’s agents for their September 11, 2001 non-apologetic tours to NY, PA and DC, nor was it National Guard sadists that caused Baathists to fight on in Iraq.

The main recruiting tool that led to 9/11/01 is the same as the one that led to 12/25/09: weakness invited aggression.

The Left never understood that the Soviet Empire was evil and ignored Saddam’s hundreds of thousands slaughtered at Abu Graib before the late Ted Kennedy’s immoral equivalence saw nudity where dead bodies once flourished, and pronounced it merely under new management.

But let’s give it another shot. Maybe Democrats will pay attention this time since their Chosen One now has the Watch.

Pat Buchanan was always wrong when he suggested that “they” (Muhammed Atta et al) were Over Here because “we” (US trade, Exxon et al) were Over There. And even if that were the case, would that mean that the Zawahiris of the world speak for Saudi and Indonesian trade deals? But I digress.

We have a source that told us why they came over here in the Third Millenium after attacking us over there in the Second. The source is none other than Osama bin Laden himself whose first recruiting tool, as documented in Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower, was the jihadist, kill the infidel literalism of the Koran of Islam, preached by Sayyid Qtub in the 40s-60s with a special shout out to resentment at Attaturk’s Turkish secularism.

The Koran says what it says, and after playing an integral role with us in pushing Russians out of Afghanistan before the Berlin Wall fell, the message resonated more in Arab coffee shops. Osama bin Laden considered the U.S. to be a “weak horse” when we left Saddam in power after the first Gulf War.

The recruiting accelerated after UBL had an eye-witness view of Clinton fleeing Somalia and after Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s blood kin almost knocked down the Twin Towers in 1993.

UBL dubbed us a Paper Tiger and declared war on America after Clinton’s response to the acts of war in leveling two U.S. embassies in Africa was to kill a nightwatchman in an abandoned terrorist camp in Afghanistan while UBL continued to appear in public in that country.

UBL thought George W. Bush was made of the same weak stuff and expected the response after 911 to be another pinprick.

Osama miscalculated.

I don’t know whether he is alive or dead, but I question the value of his continued life or a martyr’s death as a recruiting tool given his now 9-year slump in achieving successful terrorist attacks against the United States.

Enter Obama and the return to the Clintonian pre-911 treatment of acts of war as mere domestic crime, complete with Miranda rights and OJ trials.

Since Osama can’t appear live on TV for fear of being bombed, why not let KSM and Nigerian silver spoons deliver the message?

To be fair, President Obama actually bombed Yemen twice in the weeks leading up to the Christmas Day attack, yet neither he nor the press have mentioned this in all the reports I have seen since Detroit was targeted. I applauded the bombings soon after.

Moreover, we now learn that Obama is going to get tough (read: act rational) and profile airline travellers from “terror” states. But since his name isn’t Bush, this isn’t racial profiling and also not a recruiting tool?

Maybe Obama can be “coerced” into protecting America much like Jimmy Carter was transformed to “ordinate” fears of Communism after the Afghan invasion and when he was “betrayed’ by Ayatollah the Pious in Iran.

FDR, JFK and HST acted to defend America based on American values. Carter is said to have become angered due to what he perceived as “personal” affronts.

We know that Obama doesn’t share most American values given his apology tours and campaign to “transform” America. So I challenge Barack to take this attack personally and get mad at jihadists for not accepting his apologies for America. Get focused on winning re-election in 2012. After all, killing terrorists worked pretty well for Bush’s re-election bid.

Come to think of it, given the public’s view of health care reform, he might want to change that policy.

But then again, Obama may not care about re-election. He may be acting on principle to transform this country. His principles now have us in a deep recession and one Dutchman away from 300 less Americans in Detroit.

Think maybe the prospect of failing in his attack and then getting his own show trial could have been a recruiting tool for Farouk Abdul Mutallab?

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