With Merry Crisis over, now on to Happy New Fears

Fake crisis to justify Christmas Eve Senate health care rush accompanied by a real Santa al Qaida-Claus (Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, pictured) crisis over Detroit on Christmas Day

What new fake crisis will be ginned up by ObamaDems to justify late January rush for health care bill that takes full effect in 2013 and what real crises will result from the promise of closed embassies (Yemen) and show trials in NYC?

[H/T to that Astute, non-political, Boortzian observer from the Stone Mountain of Georgia for column title that suzy says was first coined by an unidentified blogger…as DeVine Law Gamecock returns from rare year-end vacation in Alabama only to announce that the real economic crisis will limit our normally prolific rooster crowings to weekends until fears of chicken feed shortages abate…]

Saul Alinsky-ites Rahm Emmanuel and Hillary Clinton warned of wasting crises and assisted President Barack Obama in using the real economic one and inventing others in 2009 in an attempt to re-make America with high energy tax hikes, union card check and socialized medicine.

The ObamaDems succeeded in tripling the budget deficit with a $1.8Trillion budget and other spending bills especially including a $700B+ non-stimulative government growthulus bill as they used the increasing double-digit unemployment rate they did nothing about.

Now, we can expect Obama to use the deficits he created and threat to the currency he and Bernanke conspired to manufacture, to justify further attempts to re-shape America in the leftist image he has dreamed of since his Marxist elders imparted same to him as a young man.

Meanwhile, the real crisis of terrorist war against us grows as Obama imagines he reduces terror recruiting tools by closing Gitmo; and granting KSM a show trial in NYC and the Detroit airliner bomber the right to counsel.

Doesn’t Obama and the left understand the real recruiting tools were successful attacks against the US in the 90s and on 911? Doesn’t he know that US success in Iraq that killed tens of thousands of terrorists that otherwise were bound for the Lower Forty-Eight and the promise of Liberty has been the recruiting toll that has Iranians about to overthrow the Mullah’s 30-year old regime and that are fighting to rid Pakistan of al Qaida and the Taliban?

We don’t know what Obama knows but we do know what he wants: A nation in a perpetual state of crisis on all fronts that looks to him to protect us from all fears economic and foreign as he re-makes the America from being the Shining City on a Hill to a nation that looks to the Shining Obama.

Prepare yourselves for the new fears Obama will have to gin up to get all 60 democrats in the Senate to re-make American health care in Britain’s image and to legalize all illegal aliens for membership in a labor union that re-elects democrats.

Of course, the real new fear for 2010 is the Left personified by Al Gore, Obama and the Democrats and the only remedy is to put them out of office next November.

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