Al Gore is the man of the decade

Despite a cold decade and recent climate hoax revelations, no other person had more of an impact, for better or worse (see worse in Gore’s case), on life in America and on Planet Earth than the man that never was the next President of the United States.

Gore lacks the courage of Andrew Jackson and the judgement of Richard Nixon

The “naughts” of the Second Millenia, annos domini, began with an unprecedented act in the history of the United States: the retraction of a presidential election concession.

Yes, the Shining City on a Hill had been more divided than it became after Florida 2000 (Fort Sumter 1861 comes to mind), but never in the way the Love Story inventor of the Internet divided us. One would have thought that Bill Clinton’s vice-president was the first candidate in the history of the Republic to garner more popular votes only to lose the Electoral College vote that actually decides who will occupy the unitary executive seat for the following four years.

He wasn’t, but Gore was the first to so lose and concede, only then to retract the concession, embroil the nation in a months-long legal battle, concede a second time, and then proceed to roil his true-believers and more in the Democratic Party that his election was “stolen” by a “Republican” Supreme Court that merely applied the 14th Amendment’s requirement of “equal protection of the laws” to the counting of “chads” on ballots in all counties of the Sunshine State.

Not to mention the fact that all of the recounts by the Drive-by media branch of the Democratic party had President George W. Bush winning Florida by more than 500 votes.

Gore showed himself to be the antithesis of all that has made America unique, exceptional and great since Federalist President John Adams relinquised the position of Commander-in-Chief to Democrat President Thomas Jefferson, without rancor.

Gore lacked the courage of a General Andrew Jackson who famously said that one such man makes a majority, but accepted a bitter electoral defeat that was thrown into Congress after he won a substantial popular majority.

Gore can’t even meet the honorable standard of a Richard Nixon in 1960 who probably won the popular vote and the electoral votes of Alabama, West Virginia and Illinois, only to decide to concede the election rather than tear the country apart with provable evidence of fraud in those states.

Prior to September 11, 2001, we couldn’t forsee the consequence of Gore’s divisivness, and then the Towers fell.

Betrayal, playing on fears and the “Bushlied Era”

Despite the fact that the Democratic Party had exuded weakness to the world since at least 1975, there appeared to some to be a backbone of unity among the American people for awhile after 911, but it didn’t take long afterwards, even before the invasion of Iraq, for fissures to appear.

Remember the “why do they hate us” mantra of many on the left, including that specific question asked by Bill Clinton in a speech given while Ground Zero sill smoldered, not mention his 2003 speech in Davos that praised the Iranian regime.

But the former President was never divisive. The former vice-president defined divisive soon after his Democratic party overwhelmingly authorized the Iraq War based partially on the same US, UK, French and UN intel WMD evidence that Bill Clinton relied upon for Desert Fox and other military actions against Iraq before 911.

Can anyone ever forget the red-faced, screaming at the top of his lungs, expatriot from the Volunteer State declaring about the Commander-in-Cheif with troops in the feild, that:

“He betrayed this country. He played on our fears.”

That launch of the poisonous 2003-2008 “Bushlied Era” is seared in my memory exponentially more than John Kerry’s imaginary Christmas in Cambodia.

And so is the silence of all fellow Democrats but Lieberman and too many honorable friend Republicans that failed to call out Gore and his ilk as the true betrayer, liar, fear-monger and man most responsible for dividing this country at war and ensuring that the Miracle of Iraq would never be appreciated and the armed forces denied their glory.

Gore, Biden & Obama do not ask forgiveness to this day for their transgressions in perpetuating the Bushlied BIG LIE, despite Bush’s re-election and the progress in Iraq after the surge. And so, they receive no forgiveness from this Rooster, nor do the “good” people who acquiesced in silence.

America is kept safe for eight years after 911 and we essentially win two wars, yet no glory or unity due to Gore et al. Disgrace is too mild a word for the damage they have done to this country and for Liberty around the world.

The Man-Made Global Warming/Climate Change lie that cost the arsenal of freedom good paying jobs, lower energy costs, higher energy supplies and security while funding terror regimes via imported oil.

Some may be surprised that I include the main tenet of Gore’s Anthropogenic Church given that it has yet to be enacted into law as the attack on the poor that it is and since it is in the process of being discredited due to leaks of emails by the scientists perpetuating the fraud.

But the BIG LIE was enormously effective in its impact in what it prevented from happening. The old Soviet Union and Osama bin laden could not have conspired to harm the United States in its national security more than what the Democratic Party did on its own to its own nation.

Whether it was Democrat congressional majorities or President Clinton in the 80s and 90s or a president Obama or Democratic senate filibusters in the 2000s, it was the World’s Oldest Political Party led by Al Gore that kept any new areas for domestic oil and natural gas exploration from being opened up after Three Mile Island in 1978, and for there to be no new nuclear power plants or oil refineries to built after the Exxon Valdez spill that seagulls cleaned up in months.

And so, we find ourselves much more vulnerable to terror sponsoring, oil producing states with still no magic energy bullet. Alchemy turning granite into gold still eludes the liberal think tanks as well, and the only true vision of a Gore-Obama green world would be horse dung in the streets and water and wood burning stove smoke in the air. See Dickens’ novels for that “green” paradise.

What should have been…

Do I believe that America 2009 would be a paradise absent Al Gore and the cultural and political left? No, but surely we would be better off as a nation united against terror; united in exultation over peace on the homeland for eight years; and at work drilling for oil and constructing refineries.

We aren’t because of the Al Gores of the world.

Housing, Greenspan-Bernanke and 2009’s Man of the Year

I haven’t mentioned the economic crisis yet, but even there, it is primarily Gore’s party that kept Fannie and Freddie from being reined in, but I would concede that had it not been for the governmental debt both parties ran up over the past three decades (as well as personal debt by all) and the too easy money/low interest rate policy of the Fed for too long after 911, we might have avoided the 2008 housing bubble/credit crisis that we still suffer the grave consequences of today.

But the fact is that both Bush and McCain tried to rein in the Democrats housing distortions only to be rebuffed by minority filibusters.

We agree, btw, with Time’s choice of Ben Bernanke as having had the most impact on the world in 2009, but we would point to his role in egging on Greenspan from 2002-2006 as more significant in his negative impact on the reality at hand than his admittedly positive actions after the crisis arose.

I never heard Gore come out against forcing banks to make bad loans lest they be accused of racism or bigotry against the poor. Gore owns the Democratic Party and it owns him. Thanks for nothing to both for making the naughts mostly good for naught.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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