Cockstradamus correctly predicted that Obama would save 151 million jobs

Grading the 2009 legal, political and sports prognostications of Cockstradamus

Its that time of year again when Mike DeVine Law gamecock turns over this treasured space to his rooster oracle, Cockstradamus (pictured).

Last week we issued our sports predictions for 2010 and look forward to seeing Tiger tee off in Augusta, as happens every Spring. Between now and New Year’s Day we will make our legal and political visions for 2010 known in this space and DeVine Law will return to announce his persons of the year and decade as well as other awards.

Today, we review last year’s predictions and results, keeping in mind that we still have seven days to go. All of last year’s visions may be reviewed here. My comments on selected prognostications:

  • We correctly foresaw the lowering of the oceans on President Barack Obama’s watch, which occurred, incredibly, without the passage of the cap and trade high energy price hike attack on the poor and middle class.
  • Not to worry though, Obama still got to teach us a lesson with his non-stimulus, government growthulus bill which did save over 151 million jobs. Why do I say that? Because over 90% of Americans still have their jobs. Hence, Obama “saved” them. We correctly predicted that unemployment would top 10% on December 31, 2009.
  • So far, however, despite the ocean manipulation, Barack has not changed his name to Moses, but he did re-claim his middle name of Hussein, and is investigating the availability of a more messianic moniker than that of the great lawgiver.
  • Also correctly divined were Turkey and Syria’s withdrawal from Iraqi Kurdistan and the Tar Heel’s March Madness triumph. Union card check was not enacted into law and comprehensive health care reform was not made law….yet.
  • Obama was not caught on film puffing a Kool on White House grounds, but only because the press was diverted by uninvited guests.
  • Finally, Congress did re-impose restrictions on expanded oil exploration, but our crystal ball was cloudy with respect to the World Series and NBA finals.

But this rooster never missed a dawn!

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