Tiger-Masters happens every Spring, and other Cockstradamus Braves-Gamecockisms

Bill Clinton didn’t resign and Tiger won’t skip Augusta


Its that time of year again for New Year predictions, past year awards, and a review of last year’s predictions, hence, Cockstradamus fills in for the vacationing Braves-Gamecock for the sports prognostications for 2010.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide will roll over the Not-Long-enough-Horns of Texas in the BCS bowl and share the mythical national championship with the winner of the slap-in-the-face-to-mid-majors-Fiesta Bowl.
  2. Saints go marching home as Vikings defeat Colts in Super Bowl.
  3. Kentucky Wildcats defeat Duke Blue Devils in March Madness and then join the NBA so as to end the inefficiency of current Calipari farm system.
  4. Tiger Woods interrupts Cartoon Channel marathon in Orlando for a week-long sojourn in Georgia; cancels previously scheduled dates with Hooters waitress; and makes long distance call to Sweden to hear DaDa coos.
  5. Lakers defeat Hawks for NBA Championship and Chicago Blackhawks beat Washington Capitals for Stanley Cup.
  6. The Atlanta Braves exact revenge from the 90s, win World Series over New York Yankees.

Athletes of the Decades: Bonds, Bryant and Brady

Braves-Gamecock has no qualms with Tiger as the athlete of the 2000-naughts decade, nor with Lance Armstrong as runner-up, but think that the steroids-scandal deprived a team sports participant of a higher vote-getter. Barry Bonds would probably have finished higher than Tom Brady had he remained clean. Kobe Bryant was the player of the decade in basketball.

Cockstradamus says the leaders for athlete of the 2010s decade on December 31st next year will be: Brian McCann, Joe Johnson and Calipari’s next recruit.

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